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The history of the Emerald Tablets is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. Billy Carson breaks down each tablet and decodes all of the esoteric messages for the reader. Because of the tablet's reference to Egypt and sacred geometry they became a priority reference for those studying the Flower of Life and the Merkaba meditation.

"I truly enjoyed this book, it has some great eye-opening information with the references so you can continue on yours. I follow @4biddenknowledge online and the continuous flow of information is true to the book and the full exploration of our power. Thank you for this one."

"This book contains excellent information that was meticulously researched and presented. I am very grateful to Billy Carson for the profound information he shares with us. I highly recommend it to all those who are in search of factual knowledge, that links our ancient history to our present-day situation. Thank you, Billy Carson."


This is truly the time to make changes. Do not wait for anything or anybody. Now is the time to make your move. You need to be ahead of the game with the right tools that this book will provide you on your journey into the future. And here is the other thing: This book is right for any point in history. It doesn't matter when you read it... everything presented here is timeless.


"The steps to your financial wellbeing and improvements to self are the same today as they will be fifty years from now. I have combined spirituality with knowledge about how to navigate the financial matrix. This book is a mental checklist. The analogies were great! Meditation and financial knowledge mixed in one." - Waka Flocka Flame (BET Music Awards Winner and International recording artist.)


"Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke explores the behavioral and mindset shifts that are necessary in order to manifest abundance in all areas of one's life. Billy does an amazing job of simplifying the steps for enlightened and conscious people." - Dawn Dickson (Light Worker, Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor. Entrepreneur Of The Year.)

Billy Carson The Epic of Humanity Book 4BiddenKnowledge

Billy Carson and Matthew Lacroix have joined forces to bring you this masterpiece. The Epic of Humanity includes:


• The largest collection of ancient texts ever contained in a single book that includes: Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Gnostic, Greek, and more.

• The 200,000-year timeline of humanity, from the rise of civilization.


• New archaeological discoveries, ice-core data, and compelling-scientific evidence to prove lost civilizations once existed.

• Detailed analysis of the Anunnaki and their role in human-Earth history.

• The future of humanity and transition into the Age of Aquarius.


Today all reasonable astrophysicists still proclaim that there is life out there, but no alien civilization has ever visited the earth. Billy Carson and Matthew LaCroix see it differently. They prove that the earth is not a closed system and contacts have very well taken place. Thus they contradict the straight prevailing spirit of the age. This needs courage. I recommend THE EPIC OF HUMANITY book as a groundbreaking look into the new reasoning and evidence. The old one has had its day.

Elisabeth Carson has given us an amazing recipe for obtaining an elevated consciousness. All of the ingredients that one would need to elevate themselves from their current state of being are thoughtfully laid out in this book. We can travel into the past to conduct some existential detective work in order to understand how our experiences have shaped our reactions in the present.


Sigmund Freud, stated that our mind is like an iceberg – only a small part of it is above the waterline, while the rest drifts in the murky depths of our unconscious. Only when we pull our darkest fears and desires into the light of the conscious mind, where we can examine them calmly and analytically, will they begin to lose their monstrosity and much of their influence. What we do not know consciously – the repressed – is the true “other” to genuine self-knowledge. Elisabeth Hoekstra skillfully takes us on a journey to rediscover who we really are. It is through this epiphany of self-knowledge that we can truly begin to understand our true nature and do the shadow work needed to climb out of the abyss. This book will inspire you to bio-hack your best life.



Elisabeth Hoekstra Book
Manifest Destiny Journal

Justin Carson, 21-year-old entrepreneur and son of Billy Carson, recently released a journal-styled book titled "Manifest Destiny Journal" available for sale on the 4biddenknowledge website and Amazon. The book aims to help people overcome negative subconscious programming and use the power of manifestation to positively impact their lives. Justin utilizes the 7 Hermetic principles as the foundation for his book.


This Journal is going help break any negative subconscious programming in your mind, Raise your frequency vibration, and help you manifest the life you truly desire! What Is A Manifestation Journal. A manifesting journal is a place where you store all your dreams and goals you want to attract into your life. This will help you to stay vibrationally aligned with your dreams and also keep focus.

Justin's inspiration for writing this book is the desire to help people be the co-creators of their lives, the desire to open readers up to new knowledge, and his passion for creating a more positive world.

"Fractal Holographic Universe Theory" is a fascinating exploration of the interconnectedness and complex structure of the universe. Billy Carson, an expert in ancient civilizations, spirituality, and technology, presents the idea that the universe is a fractal holographic matrix. This theory suggests that everything in the universe is interconnected, with patterns repeating at every scale.


This book delves into how this concept aligns with ancient civilizations' understanding of the universe. He highlights that cultures like the Egyptians and Sumerians had profound insights into the universe, evident in their remarkable structures and technologies. The theory is based on the idea that the universe is composed of tiny particles or bits of information, similar to a computer program, which organizes everything around us.  It presents a thought-provoking view of the universe, linking ancient wisdom with modern scientific discoveries, and explores the profound implications these ideas have on our understanding of reality. 



Billy Carson 4Biddenknowledge new book Fractal Holographic Universe boca raton florida and
he Mother Earth Effect Connect to the Earth and Heal Book by Elisabeth Hoekstra and Olivia

Beneath your feet lies an amazing gift from Nature with the potential to quickly restore your health, balance, and quality of life. This gift is the very Earth we live on. Earth is naturally equipped with a surprisingly built-in healing power that may be the most effective medicine available. Earthing, also known as grounding, is a major discovery showing that contact with this natural energy stabilizes the way the body works at the deepest level, draining it of inflammation, pain, and stress, and generating greater well-being.

Within this book, you will find amazing stories of women who have overcome debilitating conditions by using this method of healing. Maybe it will even provide you and your loved ones with the same benefits! These disorders include:

• cardiovascular diseases

• diabetes

• arthritis

• autoimmune disorders

• Alzheimer’s

• cancer

• depression

• autism


Within this book, you will find amazing stories of women who have overcome debilitating conditions by using this method of healing. Maybe it can do the same for you!


The UniteThe99 App


UniteThe99 is a conscious community social media app created by Billy Carson, that will unite the 99 percent of the world in unity and unconditional love. Only through awareness and understanding can we elevate our consciousness.


"When the student is ready the teacher will appear." ~ Lao Tzu

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I have had the pleasure to be part of 3 workshops with Billy Carson. Billy is a down to earth human being with so much of knowledge to share. He has helped me learn more about subjects such as ancient civilizations, remote viewing and investing. Every single workshop I have attended has been extremely well prepared and very informative. Billy goes beyond our expectations and does not cease to amaze us with all our the information I’ve shares. He has been one of my greatest teachers. I’m thankful for the opportunity of connecting with Billy and attending his workshops. ~Thanks Billy !! 

I dont get inspiration like this anywhere! You are a true leader in the feild of success and conscious awareness! 

Thank you, Billy Carson! 

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