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Halls Of Amenti

“Birth is not the beginning of life - only of an individual awareness. Change into another state is not death - only the ending of this awareness.” ~ Billy Carson

Woke Doesn't Mean Broke by Billy Carson

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Your financial knowledge is a process. It takes more than money to succeed financially. To help you make the best decisions you can at each step of your journey, you need a little insight into what is possible. The goal of this book is to teach you how to use the power of manifestation and the Law Of Attraction backed by real financial knowledge to navigate the financial matrix.

Before you can fly you need to walk. It is important to learn to open up to possibilities, to understand your options, and to know that choosing to live is often easier than you make it. Before you dig into the details of financial health and wealth, it is important to strengthen your motivation. How will you keep going when the path ahead is new and unknown? How will you make decisions about what to do next? Very important, how will you handle when you feel overwhelmed with more information than you can manage?
Read through this inspiring book. This book can give you a heads up into what can happen when you are educated and prepared to make the best decisions possible during the different stages of your life’s financial journey.
Beliefs Can You Turn Around Fast?
Throughout the book you will find sections that are designed to help you use self-affirming language to teach your thoughts a new habit. It is as important to train your thoughts in your new understanding as it is to educate yourself with the knowledge. These sections are designed to give you specific self-talk and support for creating behaviors to change your future and become a lasting part of your daily support.
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