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The Second Annual 4Bidden Conscious Awards

Join us for this unforgettable 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards WEEKEND August 2-4 in Miami FL
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The First Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards, took place at the Arsht Center in Miami, Florida on July 30th. It was an unforgettable evening celebrating individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact on the world. 

The event had an atmosphere of inspiration and positivity as people mingled with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to consciousness.  A network with change-makers, visionaries, and leaders working to forge connections that will propel a collective effort for global change.

Throughout the evening, we witnessed the recognition of outstanding achievements in various categories.  We were a part of the movement and became empowered by the stories of remarkable individuals and organizations who are pioneering innovative solutions and initiatives to positively influence generations to come. 

This year's Second Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards will be even bigger than last! Instead of a one day event, this will be a weekend full of exciting activities to join.


Event Schedule:

Friday August 2nd:

7pm Est. Celebrity Charity Basketball Game


Saturday August 3rd:

8am - 3:15pm 4BIDDEN Conference with Matthew LaCroix, Merkabah, Billy Carson, Elisabeth Carson, and Gven Sariol

6pm - 11pm VIP Sunset Yacht Cruise hosted by 19Keys


Sunday August 4th:

10am - 12pm 4BiddenKnowledge Publishing book signing

3pm - 5pm Red Carpet 

5:30pm - Award Show


Voting for your nominees are now open and will close on March 1st!!! Then you will be able to vote for your choice of the top 3 nominees per category. Please fill out the form below to submit your vote!


*You can also text 954-245-0086 to submit your nominees*

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