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Virginia basketball coach fired for impersonating 13-year-old in game

By: April Carson

An egregious breach of trust has led to the dismissal of a Virginia high school basketball coach after accusations emerged that she had posed as one of her players - a 13-year-old girl - and competed in her stead during an earlier match.

Boykins reportedly posed as a 13-year-old student to fill the player’s roster spot. The incident came to light after a referee noticed that the girl's playing style had changed drastically between the two games. After inquiring, it was revealed that the coach had taken her place during the first game, reportedly wearing the same uniform and hairstyle as the 13-year-old.

Portsmouth Public Schools is currently looking into the incident that occurred on January 21, when 22-year-old Arlisha Boykins, a former assistant basketball coach for Churchland High School's junior varsity girls team, disguised herself as one of the players during a game.

As Churchland Truckers geared up for their upcoming game against Nansemond River High School, the parents of student Boykins revealed that she would be absent from the match as she was competing in another basketball tournament elsewhere.

"It was an utter surprise to me when I heard coaches talking about values such as integrity with our kids," one of the parents exclaimed.

The coach's actions have been met with widespread criticism from both members of the Portsmouth Public Schools faculty and parents alike. The school board released a statement in response to the incident, expressing its deep disappointment with Boykins' conduct: "Portsmouth Public Schools holds itself to the highest standard of ethical practices and condemns this type of behavior."

After an in-depth investigation, the public information officer announced to USA Today that both the varsity and junior varsity teams had decided to prematurely end their seasons.

According to the official, Boykins no longer works for Portsmouth Public Schools.

The parents of the player also said that their daughter will not attend Churchland next year and is also looking for the district to apologize.

The Virginia High School League made it abundantly clear that they would not stand for any behavior which jeopardizes student safety, stating: "The VHSL does not condone or accept any activity that compromises student security in any way."

The case of Boykins is an example of the type of misconduct which will not be tolerated by school administration and organizations. It's a reminder that even trusted coaches can engage in behavior that puts students at risk. The future of Boykins' coaching career is uncertain, but one thing is certain: impersonating a 13-year-old to gain access to an athletic event will not be tolerated.

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