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To Vax or Not To Vax? That Is The Question

When lives, livelihoods and freedoms are at stake, how do you answer this question?

Regardless if you are pro-vax or anti-vax, there is no doubt that this subject has become eternally entwined into the fabric of our new reality. No other debate in modern times has stirred up such emotion and caused so much division as whether or not to get vaccinated.

Is it a choice to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community? Or is it a decision that will impact your health, livelihood, liberties and freedom?

Much has been said in both social media and mainstream media in regards to pro and anti-vax positions. Persons from all walks of life have been given the opportunity to voice their opinions from conservatives to extremists. While little has been promoted in regards to living a more healthy and health conscious lifestyle, there has rapidly been developing a system of rewards and punishments if you choose to get vaccinated or not.

The New System of Rewards

Before some states began introducing free lottery give-a-away programs providing lottery tickets in hopes of becoming an instant millionaire if you get the vaccine, there were several local and national businesses that were providing rewards from free food to free gas.

Even the local marijuana dispensaries in my area were giving away free joints if you got the shot.

Such rewards are appealing to many who may have not considered getting vaccinated under different circumstances. Yet, is this new system of rewards saving lives? or causing further division?

The New System of Punishments

A Florida couple that recently traveled to Hawaii is now facing criminal charges, fines and jail time for presenting fake vaccination paperwork for their children to authorities. This may be the first of many similar reports and cases as states and nations begin to require vaccination status for travel.

It has recently been reported that students at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut will be fined and restricted from having internet access if they are unvaccinated.

It has also been reported recently that a judge in Ohio ordered a man to get the vaccine as a condition of his probation or face more jail time.

This is the 'new normal'

Living In The 'New' Normal

Prior to 2020, this topic would have been irrelevant. There was hardly any prior concern as to whether or not you received your flu vaccine or not.

Most of us dealt with vaccines only at doctor's visits or with our children as requirements for them to get enrolled into school. And while you could object on a religious or conscientious basis, this was about the extent of it.

Now we live in a world where large corporations are beginning to require their employees to be vaccinated or terminated while some corporations are offering bonuses if you receive the vax.

The government is even considering door-to-door programs to promote the vaccine.

To Vax or Not To Vax

Is this new system of rewards and punishments becoming the precedent that will moderate our new reality moving forward into the future? Are we graduating to a point where not only is our health at stake, but also where our liberties, livelihoods and very freedom are at risk? Are we really being given a fair opportunity to choose and decide for ourselves in this matter?

These are questions that you must now take into consideration as the answers will impact your future and future generations. Regardless if you are pro-vax or anti-vax, it is encouraged that you take a look at the entire picture of how this decision is impacting not only lives but also livelihoods, liberties and freedom itself.

This is not meant to promote or imply a position on the vaccine. There is more than enough opinions on this topic to last a lifetime. However, what is advocated is a healthy lifestyle and a responsible and conscientious decision based upon your own unique and personal lifestyle and circumstances without external influences.


AnThony Legins is one of the newest blog writers to join the 4Bidden Knowledge team. He is a real estate broker, builder and author with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate arena. He enjoys writing on topics relating to real estate, finance, mindset and motivation. Learn more about Coach AnThony at


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