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There Are Countless Parallel Universes, According to a Physicist

By: April Carson

It's the most basic truth of reality: an item exists in the world whether you're looking at it or not. This is also true for universes. In fact, according to a physicist, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we could be living in one without realizing it.

The concept of "many worlds" has been the source of controversy in theoretical and quantum physics for many years, with some arguing that it implies that every time two things might happen, it splits into new parallel realities. Essentially, they believe you live in one branch of a complicated multiverse: that is, there are a near-infinite number of versions of you who might have made any conceivable alternate decision throughout your life.

In his new book "Something Deeply Hidden," Physicist Sean Carroll from the California Institute of Technology addresses this issue. In a recent interview with NBC, Carroll makes his point about the "many worlds" theory: he believes it is quite probable.

“It’s very probable that there are many realms in which you made different decisions,” he said to the network. “We're just following the laws of physics.

The question now is, if there are many worlds, how many of them exist?

The number of worlds is either finite or infinite, but it's unquestionably a huge number. Carroll says that the theory could help to explain some of the weirdest phenomena in quantum mechanics.

“There are all sorts of strange things going on in quantum mechanics that we don’t understand, and this is one possible explanation for it,” he said.

He also advances the notion that reality is something other than what we believe it to be, claiming that our interpretations of physical things are more important than material substance itself.

“Before you look at an object, whether it's an electron, a atom, or whatever, it isn't necessarily in a certain location," Carroll said to NBC. "It's only when you look at it that it becomes localized. There is no reality other than what we create through our observations."

The notion of many different realities has been investigated by a variety of other individuals, including Carroll. The ideas of such renowned figures as Stephen Hawking and Erwin Schrödinger have supported the existence of numerous alternate dimensions.

Among the most thought-provoking arguments presented by Hawking is his idea that the Big Bang led to the creation of an infinite number of universes, not just one.

Carroll is pessimistic about the prospect of traveling to other parallel universes, a theme that has been addressed many times in science fiction.

"It's not at all clear that you could do anything even if you found one," Carroll said. "You might go to a universe where you're the ruler of everything, but that doesn't help us here."

Carroll is more optimistic about the idea that other universes could exist in which the laws of physics are different, providing a playground for scientists to explore.

"The great thing about parallel universes is they're not constrained by the laws of physics as we know them," Carroll said. "So you could have a universe where there's four forces, or a universe with no gravity. It's a great place to explore ideas."

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