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The Longest Lunar Eclipse of The Century Will Take Place This November

By: April Carson

On November 19, the century's longest lunar eclipse will take place, with people from all around the world seeing it. The duration of the event has been predicted by NASA at 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds.

What can we anticipate from this century's longest lunar eclipse?

On November 19, 2021, the people of the world will be able to observe two astronomical events: a partial lunar eclipse and a total moon. The Sun, Earth, and Moon will align. Our planet will cover up the star and casts a shadow on the satellite. The uniqueness of this eclipse is that it won't be full; rather, only a part of the satellite will be covered and it will take three hours and twenty-eight minutes for this to happen.

The word "partially" would not be the most appropriate term for this eclipse, because scientists have predicted that around 97% of our satellite's surface will be obscured by Earth. It is fair to state that the final lunar eclipse of 2021 approaches rather than comes very close; however, we will have to wait until 2022 for the "full" show.

The rarity of this event deserves a look at the facts provided by experts. In fact, humans have to wait until 2600 for another similar eclipse which will take place on the same date.

The Moon does not entirely vanish during an eclipse, only becoming crimson-red. This is due to the sun's rays passing tangentially through it and being dispersed in the atmosphere. It should be noted, though, that a partial lunar eclipse is not referred to as a Blood Moon because this phrase applies only to total lunar eclipses.

Because the satellite will move as far away from Earth as possible, it is known as a Micromoon in astronomy. It will be visible throughout several continents at once, including South and North America, the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, Australia, Asia, and certain regions of Russia.

The most vital information to take away from this remarkable occurrence is that it will not recur with this extent in the following century. This partial lunar eclipse, which will last almost three hours and thirty minutes, will be the longest in nearly two decades.

Eclipses: Ancient myths and theories

People have been afraid of eclipses since the dawn of humanity. Natural calamities, disasters, hunger, and misery were all predicted by the black sun and blood moon. The November full moon is known as Beaver Moon owing to the change in seasons in the northern hemisphere, when it becomes colder and American Indians from North America noticed that beavers were preparing their winter food. This full moon is one of the most important of the year for religious secret societies who a few days before November's full moon celebrate a black mass or secret society rituals, as it symbolizes death and rebirth.

According to pagan beliefs, the "Mourning Moon" is also known as the final stage of preparation for winter and the shift to ice. This full moon, which occurs at the end of October, is regarded as a good opportunity to let go of outdated and unneeded items while simultaneously focusing on oneself.

During such times, according to astrologers, people become emotionally unbalanced, their mental illnesses deteriorate, and the number of accidents and crimes rises. Of course, all of the items listed above are merely assumptions based on faith or perception rather than scientific fact. However whether you believe in science or not, it is useful to understand what beliefs say in an effort to make a judgment on the risks involved.

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