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The Deluge – Many Ancient Cultures have a Flood Story

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- Dollie Eanna Indigostar

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There are more than 200 cultures around the world with the same flood story, and there are archaeologists who say it could have really happened. Is there archaeological evidence of the Biblical deluge?

Most people recognize this story as Noah and his ark or even from the Sumerian tale in Gilgamesh. But did you know that there are similar legends told by cultures around the world? Over 200 cultures share this same basic story passed down for generations. The most similar stories come from middle eastern cultures.

However, there are myths from around the world that confirm the deluge was a worldwide event. When cultures share a myth regarding certain characters, it implies the event was exclusive to that location. How would cultures all around the world have this same myth? As if all descended from a common ancestral source that experienced the event. It would be reasonable to say it is the only logical explanation.



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