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The 10th Dimension of Pascal’s Triangle and Consciousness


This article looks closely at the mathematics and sacred geometry related to Pascal’s Triangle as a way to find the key to consciousness and how humans “see” physical reality. The article was written as a response to Andrew Collins’ Ancient Origins article about the discovery of an enormous ring of cylinder-like shafts around Durrington Walls . In this article, Collins points out some very important numbers and geometries, which occur regularly in many megalithic constructions all over the planet. I feel that the information shared in this article may contain something of universal importance for the evolution of consciousness on our planet. The ideas relating to Pascal’s Triangle explored in this article are not necessarily new but build upon a wide range of observations and sources.

The Language Of Creation And Pascal’s Triangle

In my book “ Hallu-Cygns – Language of Creation ,” I try to prove that all megalith-builders all over the world at one time used the same numerical matrix to construct and tune their enigmatic stone structures. It is my conviction that this matrix was Pascal’s Triangle, also known as Mount Meru , the Primordial Mound of Creation, and the Tree of Life .

There is one mathematical feature in Pascal’s Triangle (PT) that may finally reveal the deepest secret of the so-called “9-11-enigma.” PT shows how the geometric and mathematical resonance between a circle and its diameter is achieved in the 10th dimension. This knowledge has far more implications than we would first suspect.

We perceive material reality because there is a “boundary” between inner subjective consciousness and outer objective matter. However, we know that a boundary disappears when it is vibrated. Resonance is the ultimate interconnector in the universe. Resonance between living beings yields love, collectivity, procreation, oneness. Resonance dissolves any boundary between different objects.

Imagine that there exists a resonance which “dissolves” the boundary between the subjective observer and objective observed matter. This would mean that both the observer and the observed become one. Quantum physics shows us that matter, when it is not consciously perceived, behaves like a wave form that is everywhere at the same time, and thus not perceptible to the senses. This state in which all matter of the universe exists in an eternal here and now is called the Zero Point Field. And it means that consciousness and matter are not independent of each other. This also means that there must be a specific resonance which dissolves the boundary between the inner and outer life experience.

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