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Something Huge Just Collided With Jupiter

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

By: April Carson

And it's possible that the wound is greater than Earth.

It's a good reminder that we're not always in safe territory. The largest gas giant, Jupiter was just slammed by an asteroid according to initial tweets from ESA Operations; as the strongest gravitational force next door but still way out there--astronomical distances can make such events feel more distant than they should be-Jupiter has had many brushes with cosmic debris before this latest one which proves our planet isn't bulletproof after all (and neither are you).

It also serves another purpose: while Earth may be moving against these shooting galleries of apocalyptic space rocks right now without issue or much alarm raised beyond astronomer circles on Twitter...we must continue expanding technology for detecting them because once someone gets hit hard enough where no one living notices the difference--we'll wish we had.

Jupiter is frequently hit in the face

On September 13, 2021 at roughly 6:39 PM EDT an interesting event took place in the night sky. Every year amateur astronomers monitor Jupiter and its moons for occultations which occur when one object passes behind another blocking their view as seen from Earth's perspective but this time something different happened!

A group of individuals in Europe were filming videos or still photographs capturing the things they thought was going on up there, until Harald Paleske captured the shadow of Jupiter's moon, Io, passing in front of the planet just before it vanished off camera frame by frame into nothingness, leaving only darkness where his formerly bright image should be visible under normal circumstances.

"I had no idea that would happen, I was just watching it for the same reason everyone else was," Paleske told us in an exclusive interview on Skype. He went on to explain what caused him to post the video of the occultation which happened last Wednesday on Facebook "I thought it might be something interesting since we're always seeing new stuff with all these probes and rovers flying past Jupiter on the way to Saturn or wherever else they can go."

The eighth impact of Jupiter since 1994 was witnessed by observant astronomers and scientists who captured each explosion on film. Images show heat signatures from both sides, but sadly no one alive today will be able to see it happen because they occurred far away in space where our telescopes can't reach.

The putative event would mark only the eighth time there has been a collision between objects within its atmosphere; this signifies great change happening before us while still being unconfirmed as more research continues into understanding what causes these types meteors or asteroids make contact with Earth’s magnetic field so often over long periods—and if any have impacted recently without warning.

The US Government is strengthening Earth's planetary defense against NEOs

Scientists are unsure how often Jupiter is impacted by something so massive or high-velocity that it generates an impact flash we can see from Earth, but the consensus seems to be between 20 and 60 times every year. If this happened on earth with similar frequency as well then our planet's surface might look very different because of all those incoming meteors which increase kinetic energy significantly for each one hitting land instead in water etcetera.

Scientists assume there must have been some pretty strong gravitational fields near where these objects hit - otherwise they wouldn't feel sufficiently accelerated before entering into space!

Scientists have been warning us about the potential for a cosmic impact similar to that which spelled doom for our dinosaurs. NASA is currently working on an up-and-coming space telescope, called NEO Surveyor, designed specifically in helping protect Earth from asteroids with potentially dangerous orbital trajectories.

It will take some time before we know if this new project has delivered its promise but so far things look promising!


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