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Scientists believe they have found a portal to the fifth dimension

The discovery of extra dimensions would help explain some of the most deepest mysteries of physics

While the "warped extra dimension" (WED) is a trademark of a famous physics model initially established in 1999, a recent study published in The European Physical Journal C is the first to utilize the theory to explain the long-standing dark matter problem in particle physics.

Our understanding of the physical cosmos is based on the concept of dark matter, which makes up the vast bulk of the universe's matter. Because many characteristics would melt or break apart without the "x factor" of dark matter, it serves as a kind of stand-in for scientists trying to explain how gravity works. Even so, dark matter doesn't interfere with the particles we can see and "feel," implying that it has other unique features.

“[T]here are still some questions which do not have an answer within the [standard model of physics],” the scientists, from Spain and Germany, explain in their study.

“One of the most significant examples is the so-called hierarchy problem, the question why the Higgs boson is much lighter than the characteristic scale of gravity. [The standard model of physics] cannot accommodate some other observed phenomena. One of the most striking examples is the existence of dark matter.”

Model of 2 subatomic particles colliding and creating a new theoretical particle that travels to the 5th dimension

Using a WED model, the new study attempts to explain the presence of dark matter. The researchers looked at fermion masses, which they believe could be transmitted into the fifth dimension via portals, resulting in dark matter relics and "fermionic dark matter" in the fifth dimension.

Could dimension-traveling fermions account for at least some of the dark matter that scientists have yet to detect?

“We know that there is no viable [dark matter] candidate in the [standard model of physics],” the scientists say, “so already this fact asks for the presence of new physics.”

A critical piece of mathematics, in essence, creates bulk masses of fermions that manifest in the so-called fifth dimensional warped space. This small "dark sector" is one possible explanation for the massive amount of dark matter that has so far escaped discovery using traditional measurements based on the standard model of physics. Fermions crammed into a warped fifth dimension could be "acting as" dark matter.

To verify this type of dark matter, how would we witness it? This is the current stumbling block for a variety of dark matter hypotheses. However, all that is required to detect fermionic dark matter in a warped fifth dimension is the correct kind of gravitational wave detector, which is becoming more common around the world. Indeed, the solution to the dark matter puzzle could be on the horizon.

Source: The European Physical Journal C


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