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Patience is a Virtue Part. 1

We live in a world of increasing instant gratification and decreasing attention spans.

Self-healing is a lifestyle choice, not a magic pill or a diet! With patience, self-love, and plant-based power you can recover your mind, mood, and energy, but it takes time.

How We Heal

Our growing desire for immediate results, and pharmaceutical 'quick fixes', have damaged our expectations when it comes to natural healing. The ‘magic pill’ that you are looking for is your own patience, consistent effort, and trust in your body’s innate ability to heal when given the right input and conditions.

Just like the seed that gradually flourishes into a fruit-producing tree, some things cannot, and should not, be rushed - especially healing! There are no quick fixes, but there are some things you can do to speed up your journey and make it easier on your mind and body. Some results are really quick – like the increased mental clarity and physical energy from eating real food for just a few days!

Men and women can improve all aspects of their wellbeing, from brain, heart, and endocrine health, to libido, strength, and stamina, while elevating levels of the pure plant-based energy critical for your bioelectric body to rebuild itself entirely!

“Healing has to be consistent with life itself.” - Dr. Sebi.

Physical Healing

Your body needs time to heal. The process of destruction is so much faster than the process of creation; it takes months for our infant bodies to develop in the womb, and years for us to grow to full strength in adulthood - but an injury can happen in an instant. Time is one of the major ingredients your body needs to rebuild itself, along with adequate nutrition and physical movement.

How you spend the time while healing from physical damage is key. There are 3 steps to healing from physical injuries - all of them take time and patience:

  • The Acute Phase - the pain is still prominent, and you need plenty of rest, appropriate treating of the injury (bandages, hot or cold compress, etc.) and may need to limit your movements

  • The Rehabilitation Phase - healing has started. Now you might need to rehabilitate your body to regain its full range of movement, and the pain might continue.

  • The Recovery Phase - the pain and discomfort continue to decrease, as your ability to move increases.

Cellular Healing

Most of the injuries we experience are the result of toxic food and inflammatory lifestyles. These ‘micro-injuries’ to trillions of cells impact our energy levels and immune systems. Once you start to clear out toxins, reduce inflammation and increase nutrition these injuries also heal!

Every single day your body makes new cells – about 96 million per minute! Some cells are replaced more quickly than others, but in 7 years’ time, you will literally have a brand-new body – built from the food and thoughts you are nourishing it with today!

  • 330 billion cells (1% of your body) are replaced every day.

  • 30% of your bacteria are replaced every time you move your bowels.

  • Gut cells live for just 5 days, while liver cells live for about 500 days.

  • Every year you lose your entire body weight in dead cells that are replaced.

What are you building your new body with?

If you plant apple seeds and take care of them with organic nutrition, quality water, sun, shade, and attention, they will germinate, grow, flourish, flower and fruit! Your cells are like seeds that will also flourish. But they need nutritional saturation, and a toxin-free environment, to thrive.

DNA Healing

The genetic information you inherit from your parents provides the blueprint for your body. But 95% of the final product (your adult body and mind) is the result of genetic regulation driven by lifestyle choices (like diet) and personal experiences (like trauma).

Your body has multiple sets of genes to choose from. Genes are selected based on the quality of your lifestyle (nutrition, movement, hydration, and mental attitude). This is like choosing which house to build from plans at different prices. Do you go with the cheap build (using inferior timber and plastic windows) or will you choose the luxury option with all the best fixtures and fittings?

The price you ‘pay’ for a luxury home is the same as the ‘effort’ you put into a luxury body. Are you making daily choices that nourish your nutrigenomics (genetic regulation through food) and enhance your epigenetics (genetic regulation through lifestyle)? Are your choices selecting the best genetic blueprints you have available?

This post was written by: Barry Nembhard

"The M Series"Motivation..Mindset..Money

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