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Minding Your Sacred Energy

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Conserve your Heart & Soul Energy for what it was meant... Living your Purpose!

By: Lianna Gardner

a.k.a. Lianna Empowers

Ever wonder why in life you sometimes feel depressed and depleted after encounters with certain people, places, things & even situations? Wonder how you go from being happy and balanced one minute, but in an instant, feel the life force energy being sucked out of you when you get around a certain person, or in a certain situation?

I always wondered why I’d had a lifelong battle with depression and the inability to maintain at least for the most part, a consistently happy state of mind. After all, happiness is an inside job, but why were my insides always in an uproar? What I began to realize after much soul searching and peeling back the layers is that my lack of control over my emotional responses to people and events led me to an inability to keep my negative emotions from gaining momentum, often leading to catastrophic circumstances in my life. My brain and my body had developed these habitual ‘knee jerk’ responses, or ‘triggers’ as they’re referred to in the mental health world, that automatically shifted my body, mind and spirit into a state of being that was wholly detrimental to my physical, mental and spiritual health.

Not until the point in my journey when I began to sift and sort and become exposed to the laws of the Universe through the most authentic and amazing mentors, did I open my mind to fully grasping and stepping into my knowing that we are all creative beings in every aspect of our lives.

Your thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions take center stage in this drama we call life. Understand that everything is ENERGY and VIBRATES at a certain speed according to the laws of physics. The law of attraction says that ‘like attracts like’, so the energy, or signals you are broadcasting to the Universe, influences the experiences, people and situations you attract into your life. You have a choice in every moment how to feel, what to think and where to focus your energy which creates your life experience. In a nutshell…you are creating your life with every thought you think, every belief and habit you’ve developed, and that program is, was and always has been creating your reality.

In getting down and dirty REAL with myself, through prayer, meditation and examination of my life to this point, I had the most profound revelation I’ve ever experienced. The Divine whispers and guidance I received showed me something about our beingness that I’d never thought of in quite this way before. Your sacred core energy, in other words your heart & soul energy, which is the energy of spirit, is where the center of your life force energy lies; it is this sacred energy that you must be most mindful of when you think about its effect on your life.

This core energy, that is the energy of life, love and purpose, is needlessly expended every single day on all of those things that come up for you, and trigger you toward a response that is detrimental to your life, health and well-being. For example, a car passes us too closely on the freeway and cuts us off. The first thing many of us want to do is flip the driver off, possibly even ram the back of his car it makes us so angry. Take a second to feel how that FEELS in your body and mind in the moment it happens. Do you know how much stress you are creating for yourself and what effect it’s having on you now and in the long run?

The very essence of your Divine energy and power is held within the core or center of your amazing being. It is indeed your heart & soul that you must hold most sacred. Expending this powerful Divine energy on anything that does not align with who you really are, a being of Divine love, leaves you depleted, depressed and wandering in your circumstances versus living in the fullness and wholeness of who you truly are. It is life changing to learn to no longer allow yourself to give your power away aimlessly, as doing so often leaves you resentful of yourself and others.

Holding in reverence this sacred power and directing it in service to the world using your gifts and talents, and allowing yourself to live in your passion and your purpose, is the energy that ignites your life and feeds your internal flame. This is the energy that transforms lives, and that will transform the world!

But how do we take back that sacred life force energy we just shot out there into the Universe in that moment, with full blown reactionary emotions like anger and retribution? How do we become more mindful of the negative energy we are putting out there daily, and bring ourselves back to center where there is balance and get to that place where we don’t let those type of reactions disturb our peace?

1. Become more SELF-AWARE of your actions and reactions in the moment that a trigger event is happening.

Physically and mentally catch yourself immediately when something is occurring. Take a deep belly breath in through your nose and blow it out slowly through your lips, focusing on your center or core love energy. Feel the tension and reactions dissipate and melt away as you bring yourself back to your sacred center. Notice how that person who just wronged you or ‘thing’ that just happened, no longer has the same significance in your field of energy.

2. Nurture yourself by getting grounded, and make this a consistent practice.

If you’re like me, we occasionally find ourselves working so much that we forget to take time to rest our bodies and our souls. During these times is when I find myself getting too much into my head and not enough into grounding myself so that my energy is able to vibrate in peace and harmony with the energy of the earth, which is how we keep our core energy balanced. When I want to balance my energy, all I have to do is go to my favorite beach, take off my shoes and socks, walk in the sand and feel the wind and blessed sun on my face. I can feel the energy of the earth coursing through my nerves and into my sacred core and my mind. What is your favorite place to go to feel at peace? Where can you go to kick off your shoes, feel the earth on and in your feet and relax your soul? Do this often and fewer and fewer things will affect you as they do when there is chaos.

3. Meditate, pray, journal. Release what it is you don’t want and focus on gratitude and creating what you do want.

Clearing your mind and freeing it from all the debris and toxicity that attempts to sneak in daily, is something you have to be willing and open to doing. This practice will raise your vibration higher and allow you to begin to see life from a totally new perspective. The goal here is to retrain your brain toward peace and focusing on what it is that will bring joy, passion and purpose to your life. In this

space is when you can really get most in tune with your powerful core energy. From this joyful, peaceful place, you can truly allow the intentions you set forth to manifest quickly and effortlessly.

Emotions are not wrong, if you didn’t allow yourself to feel them, you wouldn’t be alive! There are simply put, many beneficial ways that you can learn to manage them without letting them control your life. Learning to nurture your sacred core energy will allow you to find contentment and keep the energy of joy and love at the center of your being. Minding this sacred energy and harnessing it for living your passion and purpose is the very reason you were created.

Lianna Empowers is the personal brand of Lianna Gardner, highly sought after EmpowerMentor, Transformational Coach, Heart Guide, Speaker and forthcoming author of the book "GrownSexyWisdom: 5 Grown Ass Ways to Create a Life that Turns You On!" My gift is empowering audiences worldwide in the areas of Personal Development, Travel and Lifestyle, Law of Attraction and Health & Well-Being.

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