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Jackson Turner Tribute Charts at #20 On The Global Top 150 Independent

Heat seeking single No Surrender (Jackson Turner Tribute) tops the global top 150 charts. Tracked by Digital Radio Tracker. The late and still great Jackson Turner left his fans with one last amazing track!

The charted plaque for the single was presented to Jackson Turner's Mother, Laurie Peek Jackson Turner passed away on Jul 19, 2020. We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends, collaborators and fans. Jackson Turner was hanging around Beijing’s hip-hop scene in the early-00s, Jackson Turner is probably a familiar name. After getting into some trouble as a youth, Jackson decided it was time to steer his life in a new direction, and thus took advantage of an exchange program between the University of Buffalo in New York – where he was studying at the time – and Capital Normal University. Once he had completed his Chinese language studies, the rapper-turned-scholar enrolled at Peking University, where he pursued a master’s degree in history and philosophy. While he wasn’t in the classroom, however, Turner, aka Emcee Heretic, was busy building up relationships and performing all across Beijing.

As a self-described “socially conscious” lyricist, Turner would wax poetic on themes of social justice, poverty, violence, and inequity, with beats that borrow from gospel and Americana as much as they do 90s hip-hop.

Jackson Turner performed live at Billy Carson's Egyptian Mystery School at Dame Dash Studios in Burbank, CA hosted by Dame Dash. October of 2019. Jackson performed along with fellow artists, Donny Arcade, CrewZ, Londrelle, and Richard Vagner. The live performance was magical and inspirational. The people in attendance were literally blown away.

In 2017 Jackson collaborated with teamed up with Pantheon Elite Records. A small independent record label owned by Billy Carson AKA 4biddenknowledge. Jackson would go on to do features with artist Donny Arcade, CrewZ and 4biddenknowledge. In 2018 4biddenknowledge released an album entitled The Key Of Wisdom. The hottest track on the album featured Jackson Turner, Donny Arcade, CrewZ and Irma Gloria. After the unfortunate death of Jackson Turner, Billy Carson along with Donny Arcade, CrewZ, Londrelle, Richard Vagner and Apex Zero decided to collaborate on a remix of No Surrender that would include a posthumous verse by Jackson Turner.

The new track entitled 'No Surrender Jackson Turner Tribute' was an instant hit. The song was picked up by radio station DJ's nationwide. Eventually averaging close to 2,000 spins per week! The spins were tracked by Digital Radio Tracker and eventually made the DRT Charts. The heat seeking track hit the Global Top 150 Charts at #88 in the first week and moved up to #20 by week number 6. No Surrender sustained top 150 charting for 8 weeks in a row.

Jackson is survived by his mother Laurie Peek, his father Charles Turner, his step-mother Alexandria Lee, his grandmother Elaine Turner, his stepfather Shire Chafkin, his brothers Max Chafkin and Casey Chafkin, his uncles Randy Peek and Hunt Wagstaff, his Aunt Gita Peek and cousin Richard Peek IV.

Jackson Turners Uncle Randolph Peek was also presented with a charting plaque

Contributing Artists In The Order They Appear On The Song

Photos, videos and music of Jackson's can be found on: (downloadable photos by Jason Paisley.)



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