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India is projected to surpass the US and become the world's second-largest economy by 2075

By: April Carson

According to Goldman Sachs, India is projected to surpass not only Japan and Germany but also the United States, positioning itself as the world's second-largest economy by 2075. This remarkable leap forward signifies India's immense potential and economic prowess.

India currently holds the position of the world's fifth-largest economy, following Germany, Japan, China, and the U.S. But by the end of this century, it is projected that India could be the world's largest economy.

The investment bank stated in a recent report that in addition to a growing population, the driving forces behind the forecast are the country's advancements in innovation and technology, increased capital investment, and improved worker productivity.

Goldman Sachs Research's India economist, Santanu Sengupta, predicts that India will have one of the lowest dependency ratios among regional economies in the next two decades.

A country's dependency ratio is calculated by comparing the number of dependents to the total working-age population. A lower dependency ratio suggests a higher proportion of working-age adults capable of providing support to both the younger and older generations. This indicates a more balanced demographic structure where the burden of care is distributed more evenly among the population.

Sengupta emphasized that unlocking the potential of India's rapidly expanding population hinges on increasing labor force participation. Furthermore, Sengupta predicts that India will maintain one of the most favorable dependency ratios among major economies for the next two decades.

This demographic transformation could pave the way for unprecedented economic growth and development over the next few decades. As India looks to expand its growth potential, it appears that the country's long-term economic prospects are indeed bright.

"This is the opportune moment for India to establish robust manufacturing capabilities, foster the expansion of services, and bolster infrastructure development," he emphasized.

The Indian government has made infrastructure development a top priority, particularly in the establishment of roads and railways. The recent budget of the country aims to sustain the 50-year interest-free loan programs to state governments, encouraging investments in infrastructure. This strategic approach seeks to enhance the quality and efficiency of transportation networks, fostering economic growth and development.

Goldman Sachs recognizes the present as an opportune moment for the private sector to enhance their efforts in expanding manufacturing and services. This strategic move aims to create a surge in employment opportunities and effectively accommodate the substantial labor force.

According to the investment bank, India's economic trajectory is being led by its advancements in technology and innovation. The country's commitment to creating a digital economy is helping drive productivity and capital formation. This underscores the immense potential of the nation and highlights India's commitment to becoming an economic superpower.

According to Nasscom, India's non-governmental trade association, the revenue of India's technology industry is projected to surge by $245 billion by the end of 2023. This growth is expected to stem from various sectors, including IT, business process management, and software products, as highlighted in Nasscom's report.

Moreover, Goldman Sachs anticipates that capital investment will play a crucial role in driving India's economic growth. Private investment is expected to provide the much-needed edge that can propel India ahead and take it onto a global stage as an economic powerhouse.

According to Goldman's report, as dependency ratios decrease, incomes rise, and the financial sector develops further, India's savings rate is expected to increase. This, in turn, will expand the pool of available capital, stimulating further investment.

The labor force participation rate is the Achilles' heel of the bank's projection, contingent on whether it aligns with Goldman's projected growth rate.

The report highlighted a concerning trend: the labor force participation rate in India has witnessed a decline over the past 15 years. Notably, women's participation rate in the workforce is significantly lower compared to that of men. This disparity raises important questions about gender equality and calls for attention to ensure a more inclusive and balanced labor market.

According to a separate report by the investment bank in June, the employment rate for working-age women in India stands at a mere 20%. The report suggests that this low figure could be attributed to women primarily being involved in piecework, which is not considered in formal employment measurements.

India's growth has been hindered by net exports, as the country maintains a current account deficit, as noted by Goldman. However, the bank emphasized that the balance of current accounts has been cushioned by the export of services.

India's economy thrives on domestic demand, setting it apart from other export-dependent economies in the region. Goldman's report reveals that up to 60% of its growth can be attributed to robust domestic consumption and investments.

In conclusion, the potential for India to become the world's second-largest economy by 2075 is significant. To realize its ambition, the country will need to continue investing in innovation and technology, increase capital investments, improve worker productivity, and ensure an inclusive labor market that provides adequate opportunities for women. With such measures in place, India could very well be on track to become an economic superpower.

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