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Healthy Winter comes from Within !

Writer ;Dollie Eanna Indigostar


As winter, and the flu season, quickly approach, the question on many people’s minds is, “How do I stay healthy?” Well, the simple answer to have a well-functioning immune system.

Are we all lacking more than just food and water. Food and water effects our mental health and wellbeing, that is one of the major factors in keeping the human body healthy and alive. Having a healthy immune system is key to fighting any infection or bacteria such as flus or colds. But most importantly keeping the mind and our immune systems in shape, fully healthy as possible, to be able to support that healthy immune system.

You are what you eat they say, sometimes this is so cruely true but sometimes not. It could be something so simple as a lacking vitamin or mineral we often seem to forget that our bodies need. Our human map interior is similar to what represents a machine, a living one that needs certain chemicals and compounds to support the growing living mass of atoms and molecules we hump around from day to day, consuming the basic keep me alive human need of food and water, grabbing the quick snack on the go, forgetting or skiping meals, too busy to cook, too much to prepare, snacking the kids leftovers and sometimes ending with nothing at all, sometimes food is just not enough. Its supposedly true we can live on very small amounts of food intake, some people barely eat and can bathe and feed from sunlight alone, Im not that Guru yet, but seriously are we getting the rest of the package we need as good vitamins like natural D - from such as sunlight, plants and herbs, excercise releases toxins and from the blood, natural chemicals are released into the brain when practicing relaxation meditation activation techniques to assists mental health and detoxification. Nature unlocks natural rythms within our bodies we are perffectly alligned and acustomed to, why have we forgotten such amazing benefits and these needs for our bodies on a whole.

We forget from time to time basically how, what and how much our bodies thrive from, sunlight, water, fresh air, excercise and relaxation.

I have worked and battled with my intuitive internal Wifi for many years with food, my body, mind and soul listening to its groans and moans for the needs of certain foods for my body to funtion smoothly. Becoming vitamin B defficient a few years ago really played havoc with my internal health not just physically but mentally on deep levels, everything was completely knocked from balance, I was guided intuitively to begin to Love my body and what I put inside it, and as we all love to be fed good wholesome foods with quality ingredients I practiced with different foods, tips and trial alternatives of multiple combinations towards healing my body and mind with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. I am currently at full health once again, thanks to going and listening within and making changes.

My mind wonders to those that could be in a similar situation and simply cannot afford the basic food needs or allowance for a family, I hear and see so many going without basic body needs, so many people can barely afford to have a basic wholesome meal. Poverty being the main offender here with millions of families lacking the basic nutritional requirements for the human system. I have known many individuals who have sourced foods from the bins at the back of the store, or waited in the supermarket reduced isle to nearly closing time, I have been there myself a time ago. There can be many causing factors as to why we forget to eat properly, or having any access to get food, many beg, many get food parcels, many meals are shared between families, youngest first eldest last, this is so very wrong for the times and world we live in today. We invite a meal share in our kitchen with friends and familly every week, we cook one pots which feed everyone, we save stale bread for recycling into breadcrumbs or croutons for soup, we cook left over vegatables and make potato burgers with them, we grow our own herbs, we source local produce for nearly sell by for cheaper cost, we look for reduced items to freeze, if we can we share it with our neighbours passing and swapping seeds. there are many ways to alternative cook. Children who are in education are also entitled to school meals FREE age 5 in England. Many schools also have breakfast clubs and afterschool clubs which are community and local charity run with donations to ensure children on the poverty line have at least one good meal a day.

Many families and parents struggle to find time to grow your own, get the kids involved, plant cress,radish and tomatoes for little hands to nurture which can all be done on the windowshelf in the kitchen.

The increasing cost of food which all adds to the stress, anxiety and depression surrounding good value for money food, its production sources and nurtitional values, with current global restrictions and now the increasing extra measures to make sure our food is clean, safely handled and distributed with limited stocks available from contry to country.

The pandemic has effected many of us, how we eat, what we eat and how to grow, with multitudes of families are growing once again, back to basics, oldest traditions of farming techniques,

going back to the homegrown gardens full of seasonal nurtured wholesome foods, locally grown produce organic real foods, gardens full of the most delicious suprises full of the goodness of earths vital nutrients plus the good efforts towards supporting local businesses back onto the kitchen tables. It has been most uplifting to see many of my social media followers, friends and family members keenly and very proud of their home grown efforts to make change, not just on the outside but from within, of all ages, all genders the globe over. Keep growing !

Its good to see that local parks, bus stops and hedgerows are now also being planted up with seasonal growing of herbs freely growing to share with the community, small donation pots are usually there to support each other in the growing and sharing more within our communities.

Myself, husband the children and our old collie dog feel its the norm to live a more conscious self sustainable lifestyle, based within a different focused alternative Transitional town in the South West of England called Totnes, which is full of inspiring self sustainable projects, buisnesses, holistic therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Alternative lifestyles and culture which attracts thousands of tourists each year to our beautiful Wild Dartmoor.

My new veg patch in our new home is being dug out as I type with lots of Love to go into the ground, to nurture our lives, home and table for our growing family and guests, its going to be a GREEN TABLE filled with Love - All by our own two hands .

This is my 20th year of growing our own food.

I came across a very inspiring, interesting article this morning supporting my thoughts of planning a healthy winter from within by Blogger Lindsay Little :

Lindsay is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who became interested in holistic wellness through her own health struggles. Lindsay earned her Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition from ACHS in Spring 2020. After graduation, Lindsay opened Full Bloom Acres which provides in-person and distanced individualized services. Lindsay hopes to inspire others to make small changes to positively impact their wellness journey and the global community. Lindsay is also the Wellness Specialist and a Certified Jazzercise Instructor at Jazzercise of Hartford/West Bend/Slinger/Dodge County. Lindsay lives in Juneau, WI on a small farm with her husband and three dogs. Email: Website: Facebook: @fullbloomacres Instagram: @fullbloomacres for American college of Healthcare Services :

Authored byLindsay Little

As winter, and the flu season, quickly approach, the question on many people’s minds is, “How do I stay healthy?” Well, the simple answer to that is to have a well-functioning immune system. But that’s a little vague. Let’s dig a little deeper and take a closer look at the body’s miraculous defense system. And believe me, after you learn a little about the immune system, the word “miraculous” is a serious understatement!

According to Marieb and Hoehn (2019), “Every second of every day, armies of hostile bacteria, fungi, and viruses swarm on our skin, and yet we stay amazingly healthy most of the time.”1 Wait, what?! That’s right, there are microscopic organisms all over your body, as well as inside, all the time. Many of them are healthful, but many are not, and your body must decide what to do with the bad guys. Whether or not we become “ill” from these pathogens is up to the vigilance of the invading organisms as well as your body’s ability to respond to and eliminate the threat.2

We have two defense systems working together at all times. First, the innate defense system is always waiting and ready to respond to invaders. The skin and mucosae are first in line. When those are penetrated, the second line of defense steps up. This includes the activation of various specific immune cells all with different tasks. The second defense system is called the adaptive defense system. This system takes much longer to activate but is comprised of the “heavy hitters” who mean business.3 If the immune system is either insufficient or overactive, you are going to have problems.

Now, let’s take a closer look at a few ways we can support our immune system (there are many more!) and ensure we are ready to fight off whatever nature throws at us!

Click link above for full article :

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