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Healing Your Energy Through Radical Self-Care

Strategies for the African American Soul

By: Lianna Gardner

a.k.a. Lianna Empowers

It is challenging at times to achieve inner peace and balance in this ever-changing world without taking healing and self-care into consideration.

So many of us go through our daily lives totally focused on our outer world and all that consumes us, yet we are oblivious to the landscape of our inner world, where depth, awareness, self-love, healing and insight reign supreme.

You are an amazing, resourceful and resilient human being, but all too often, you’ve been brought up learning to cope, and push through the situations in your life, sometimes suffering in silence, much like many of our ancestors did, what we call strength. Many of us, men and women alike, have gone a lifetime burying our traumas, all the emotions, hurts and pains that fester deep within us because of the stigma placed on mental health in our community, vs. doing something to help ourselves. Wellness is for ALL human beings. As you heal as an individual, you create healing all around you. As African-American Men and Women, we must make it a priority to set healthy boundaries by creating time and sacred space to heal and nurture ourselves in our daily lives.

Why is radical self-care so important? Because you must be so focused on caring for yourself that it becomes urgent and radical in nature. The key to radical self-care is to keep the mental, physical and spiritual health of your Body-Mind-Spirit, top-of-mind and be disciplined enough to create a plan for yourself and take consistent action so that it becomes a healthy habit that will transform your life.

Sample Strategies for Radical Self-Care:

· Surround yourself with like-minded, high vibrational people

· Disconnect from Social Media

· Buy organic foods, beauty, hair products

· Attend a Retreat

· Invest in your Personal Development

· Be of Service to Others

· Become aware of Negative Self-Talk…choose a better feeling thought

Here are some questions that will help you create a Radical Self-Care Strategy for your life:

1.) How do you cope with stress? What are your strategies, if any?

2.) How do you cope with disappointment, anger and rejection?

3.) In what ways do you give away your power? (can you control your emotions?)

4.) Do you practice any type of Self-Care? If so, what routines have you used? (i.e. exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, hot baths, aromatherapy)

Now let’s create your own Radical Self-Care Plan that you are willing to commit to:

1.) What strategies/routines will benefit you? Make a list of 5 self-care strategies you would enjoy and commit to doing. Consistency will make it a new habit that will benefit your life.

2.) What will you do differently to commit to these strategies? (what day(s) of week/month will you commit to doing these? Schedule them!)

3.) Create your own affirmation that affirms what you are doing and why. Read it daily, first thing in the morning and right before sleep at night. (i.e. “I am committing myself to my radical self-care because I believe….)

To seal the deal and really commit to Radical Self-Care, find an accountability partner and support each other on your Radical Self-Care journey.

Make taking care of yourself inside and out, a non-negotiable priority. Give yourself permission to take care of your well-being…you’ve survived and overcome your worst days, it is now time to focus on thriving and creating balance.

Lianna Empowers is the personal brand of Lianna Gardner, highly sought after EmpowerMentor, Transformational Coach, Heart Guide, Speaker and forthcoming author of the book "GrownSexyWisdom: 5 Grown Ass Secrets to Create a Life that Turns You On!" My gift is empowering audiences worldwide in the areas of Personal Development, Travel and Lifestyle, Law of Attraction and Health & Well-Being.

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