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Express Your Uniqueness

5 Awesome Reasons to Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

By: Lianna Gardner

a.k.a. Lianna Empowers

YOU are a FREAKIN’ beautiful, living, breathing creation. There is NO one else like you on the planet. You are black, yellow, red…all the colors of the rainbow. Your hair is curly, kinky, purple, blonde. Your personality like no other. Think of the immensity of that! Out of the 7 Billion+ individuals on planet earth today, there are no two people alike. You better RECOGNIZE!! There’s no doubt YOU are special.

Fact is, there is NO WAY you would be here if you weren’t meant to BE here. Nothing happens by accident it is all part of the plan so start acting like it! Start acting like you matter. All the beautiful, quirky, deliciously tasty things about you are different from any other person in this space- you’re a FREAK. Start acting like that’s a GOOD thing! You have a RIGHT to embrace and express your unique self any way you so choose in this world.

Here are 5 AWESOME reasons to start letting your FREAK FLAG FLY:

1) No one on this earth has the unique combination of gifts and talents that you have…NO ONE.

No one can write it, design it, think it, bend it, curl it, draw it, dream it, sing it, play it or twist it like you. The way you take stuff and put it together and make it work is ALL you. How amazing is that to be able to use your unique gifts and talents in such a way that YOU make magic happen. It’s magic whether anyone else thinks so or not. The combination of skills you have sets you apart from everyone, how awesome is that?

2) If you don’t express your unique self in life, it will go undone forever.

Because you have such a unique combination of gifts, talents and skills, there is no one else in this world who can make it happen but you. Who else will leave your unique signature, your legacy, your mark on this beautiful planet if not you, the way YOU do it? If you don’t live your unique expression of yourself in this life, your light will go unseen forever. You don’t want the world to miss out on your special sizzle.

3) Your gifts, your talents, your personality, your birthright!

As the unique FREAK you are, each of your gifts, talents , and skills…everything that makes up your individual personality was gifted to you at birth; encoded in each and every one of us to be able to discover along our journey and awaken to our greatness in this sacred space. It is your unique BIRTHRIGHT to express your individualities not only for our own benefit, but the benefit of the humanity at large.

4) Your uniqueness can take you places!

Your expression of your uniqueness can open you up to a whole new world, new ways of thinking, of being. You will learn and grow in ways you never thought possible. Having no fear to let your freak flag fly will keep you unstuck and moving in the direction you want to go. There’s no need to fear what anyone else thinks or says about what you do…you are going places some of them may never get to go.

5) Waving your Freak Flag will inspire other freaks.

Waving your Freak Flag and expressing your authentic YOU is contagious; you will inspire and empower others. Once people see your fearless expression of YOU, they’ll begin to feel more at ease with the freakiness within themselves and before you know it, there’ll be a whole world of freaks waving the banner high. Your Freak Flag exalts the power you have for engaging the world in a whole new way of thought and personal empowerment that will turn normal upside down!

YOU are unique, you are BOLD, face it you’re a beautiful, trail-blazing FREAK!! Fly your Freak Flag high…24/7!! Have fun with it, embrace it, and allow the world to do the same.

Lianna Empowers is the personal brand of Lianna Gardner, highly sought after EmpowerMentor, Transformational Coach, Heart Guide, Speaker and forthcoming author of the book "GrownSexyWisdom: 5 Grown Ass Ways to Create a Life that Turns You On!" My gift is empowering audiences worldwide in the areas of Personal Development, Travel and Lifestyle, Law of Attraction and Health & Well-Being.

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