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Emotional Healing. (Patience is A Virtue) Part. 2

A popular misconception is that ‘time heals all wounds. While time gives our bodies the opportunity to heal, mental and emotional traumas require more active resolutions. Most adults have experienced traumatic episodes from the past that still influence thoughts and behavior in the present, no matter how much time passes.

Highly emotional events leave a lasting effect on the subconscious mind because we were unable to process them effectively. These emotional memories get 'stuck' in our subconscious mind, like a broken projector repeating the same horrible scene, again and again, keeping us locked in fear.

To our subconscious, we never stopped living the traumatic experience (even if our conscious mind forgot ages ago). These traumas continue to influence our thoughts, behaviors, habits, and physical health until they are properly acknowledged, accepted, ‘digested’, and integrated.

Time alone cannot resolve these psychological issues, but it does give you the opportunity to heal issues when you are ready to overcome them. For major traumas, a counselor, therapist, or another specialist can help you more effectively understand and process what you went through, in order to truly let go of its influence over your life.

Reviewing your life for traumatic events can help you start to process the shadows lurking in your subconscious. By examining your fears and issues (reflecting on your emotions and behaviors while seeking feedback from trusted people) you can release and process old emotions keeping you stuck.

Self-esteem, and enhanced energy for healing, is the reward for letting go of the past and revealing all aspects of your personality to the world - the good, the bad, and the ugly things we usually try to mask and hide! Suppressing emotions takes a lot of energy; resentment, guilt, shame, and fear wear your body out. Let go, forgive, and move forward lighter.

7 Ways to Accelerate Self-Healing

There are no shortcuts, magic pills, or secret hacks to healing, but there are some things you can do to significantly speed up the process:

  1. Rest Well – a lack of sleep promotes inflammation and slows down healing. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is optimum for your body to perform its restorative processes. Sleep more if you need it, enjoy it, it’s the most powerful way to heal your body!

  2. Nourish Cells - eating bioelectric alkaline fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, nuts, and seeds provides you with the true components your body needs for healing.

  1. Keep Moving - movement plays a crucial role in health and healing. This could be walking, dancing, yoga, or any gentle exercise you enjoy.

  2. Quit Smoking - smoking cigarettes tightens blood vessels, restricting blood flow and the healing oxygen and nutrients it contains, slowing down the healing process. Breathe more fresh air!

  3. Stop Drinking - alcoholism is associated with impaired healing of skin and bone. Consuming alcohol increases your susceptibility to disease, and the chances of injuring yourself or someone else.

  4. Drink Water - hydrate with Natural Spring Water to flush out toxins, transport nutrients to your cells, and regulate your body temperature - all extremely useful features for self-healing.

  5. Take Responsibility – Every single decision you make will impact your body. Choose to cleanse, nourish and take care of your physical and mental health and the result will be profound.

“Best herbal remedies on the planet!” - Joshua.

Our bodies were made to heal. Time might not heal all wounds, but it can give us the chance to learn how to truly heal ourselves. You are healing every single day, how much you heal is up to you. How much do you want to heal? To Your Health

This post was written by: Barry Nembhard

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