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Brazilian anaesthetists charged with raping a pregnant woman during a C-section

By: April Carson

The arrest of a Brazilian anaesthetist has caused controversy in that country. The video shows him raping an pregnant woman during her C-section, which led to his incarceration and subsequent release on bail with restrictions including wearing an bracelet indicating he is monitored by authorities at all times."

A man named Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape after he was secretly filmed putting his penis in the woman’s mouth after he heavily sedated her at the Hospital da Mulher in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.

Bezerra had only recently completed his medical training in anaesthesia. After hospital workers became concerned with the amount of medicines he was dispensing to his patients, one of them installed a covert camera to see what he was up on before a C-section operation on a woman who was due for delivery.

When the doctors caught sight of what Bezerra had been doing, they were horror-stricken. He was seen sexually assaulting this woman by putting his penis in her mouth just a few meters away on the other side of the surgical curtain.

The patient is unconscious and on the left side of the sheet, there's surgical team performing the cesarean section. Meanwhile right next to them, Bezerra can be seen unzipping pants while pulling out his penis which he then inserts into the pregnant woman's mouth.

He cleans his hands after cleaning the patient's mouth with a tissue to conceal any signs of the crime. According to reports, after Bezzera waited for the mother's partner to leave with the newborn baby, he committed the alleged assault that lasted ten minutes.

According to Globo, the spouse of one of the anaesthetist's victims claims he was removed from the operating room by Bezerra during the birth of his child. “The guy who gives anesthesia told me to leave halfway through. I hadn't even seen my baby yet, and my wife had already fallen asleep,'” said the husband, who recognized Bezerra after seeing his face on television.

According to the Health Foundation of Rio de Janeiro's Secretary of State for Health, "We want to inform you that an internal investigation has been opened in order to take administrative actions. The Hospital da Mulher personnel is assisting the victim and her family fully."

“This behavior is a felony that must be prosecuted in accordance with current law,” the statement said. “The anesthetist's odd conduct was recognized by hospital staff, who are being praised for detecting it.”

The Medical Council of Rio de Janeiro has also been notified and will investigate the anesthetist's actions. Bezzera has been suspended from all duties and is not allowed to have any contact with patients. The hospital where the incident took place is also being investigated.

Bezzera’s case is reminiscent of another recent case in Brazil in which a doctor was caught on tape raping a patient during a consultation. In that case, the doctor was sentenced to 21 years in jail.

The case has caused an uproar in Brazil, where many women say they have been sexually assaulted by doctors during childbirth. In 2016, a group of Brazilian midwives created a WhatsApp chat group called “Parto Seguro” (Safe Delivery) to help women who had been abused during childbirth.

If found guilty of the charge, Bezzera could receive from 8 to 15 years in jail.

It is absolutely unacceptable for a doctor to take advantage of a patient in this way. The victim in this case is understandably traumatized and hopes she gets the support she needs to recover from this ordeal. Pregnancy is supposed to bring joy, not terror.

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