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Awakening to Oneness Consciousness

Guest Author: Dollie Indigostar - With the current World in chaos, everyone around us seems to be asking the same questions about our current states of consciousness and concious understanding. Many are asking themselves, what can we do individually to make a difference, what can we do to change society to move beyond the current states and changes to our world that we are all now faced with, placing increased anxiety and lack of clarity, understanding and ongoing world events. Our state of consciousness, and how we can begin to step forward and explore the many diversities and obsticles we are faced with in expanding of our individual awareness of consciousness, looking deeper into our consciousness states of mind.

The following video posted onto Collective Evoloution has really stired my inner fire and passion for my own personal journey, life path decisions and future opportunities infused into my DNA already set, to think further on how I can become more concsiously aware of my own personal conciousness state and states of mind. Sometimes we meet barriers, bridges, doorways or roads alongside our continous battle within, to obtain our full activation guide to trigger ones self awareness, concsiousness fields and mindfulness all going hand in hand. We are all working inner states of consciousness levels with many vibrational frequencies alongside, cause and effect comes to mind as what roles we play individually.

Supporting each other to be empathic and compassionate in such chaotic times can be hard for many, with many differences of oppinions, it is upto us all to share our awareness, knowledge and wisdom towards the future of becoming a higher concsious being.

I do reccomend taking a moment to watch this little thought provoking TRUTH video and ask your conscious self, where are we going and what can we do next !

COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION - (Original Youtube video by Collective Evolution)

As mentioned in the video, if you want to explore oneness consciousness and the awareness that you are, check out our 'Profound Realization' program on CETV - This video was part of a global event focusing on The Lion's Gate Portal. In this Joe chose to share thoughts on awakening to oneness consciousness as this message is important to us here, and is what we feel is the solution to the challenges we face as a planet right now. Experiencing a shift in consciousness to who we truly are.

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