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Author of The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets, Billy Carson Reveals About the 7 Emerald Tablets

The author of the Emerald Tablet is Thoth, an Atlantean who was the originator of a colony in Egypt. He composed the acclaimed Emerald Tablets in his local language, and the tablets have been interpreted by renowned academics. This book about the Emerald Tablets offers you an exceptional understanding of their content, as Billy Carson separates every tablet and disentangles the entirety of their directives for the readers. Yet, there remains a curiosity among the readers to know more about the tablets. Thus, we decided to talk with the author of the bestselling book, 'The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets,' to know what has been composed on certain tablets.

Tablet 1: The History of Thoth, the Atlantean In this tablet, Thoth refers to his kind as the Mighty Ones. "He talks about the crumbling of the hearts of Atlanteans, that at last prompted the incredible catastrophe and defeat. The lone thing that endures was the Temple of Light that was on a mountain on Undal, and inside it, a couple of survivors stayed too. Nonetheless, it additionally sank underneath the water to emerge at a later time in future and the individuals that endure, including Thoth, left in a boat of the Master," reveals Billy Carson.

Tablet 2: The Halls of Amenti As Thoth indicated, there is an entry to the Underworld underneath Atlantis, and it very well may be gotten to from the Great Pyramid. The pyramid that he worked by utilizing the force he overcame of the gravity of the Earth. The section to the halls of Amenti nearly arrive at the highest point of the pyramid, and at the pinnacle, Thoth set a gem that is the reason for existing was to draw the power out of the ether. "The Children of the Light rest in Amenti, and on occasion, they are known to take the human form to guide and educate, driving man away from the darkness and into the light. It was here, in the Halls of Amenti, where death liberates Thoth from his promise to lives as long as he desires and picks his own moment of death," says Billy Carson.

Tablet 3: The Key to Wisdom It is unequivocally accepted that these tablets were found inside the Great Pyramid, just as that they were composed by the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek sage Hermes. The work filled in as an establishment for Hermetic philosophy and alchemy. "With this book, I intend to take the readers along with Hermes on his long excursion from Atlantis to Egypt and gain proficiency with the key to spiritual realization and eternality en route," says Carson.

Tablet 4: The Space Born At the point when Thoth died, he ventured through space and saw the individuals who conquered the ether. They constructed a planet and made urban areas of gold and rose. "The purpose of the book is to reveal that we are not of the Earth, but rather we are offspring of the Infinite Cosmic Light. Simply wisdom can liberate us from the chains, and eventually, nothing matters aside from the progress of the spirit," says Billy Carson.

Tablet 5: The Key of Time Thoth further asks the offspring of Khen to abandon obscurity and come to light. "In this tablet, Thoth alludes to an extraordinary void where the power of thought has developed the existence. At the point when he inquires dweller as to whether this idea was eternal, he was informed that the Law of Time began existing, so eternal idea could exist too," says Billy Carson.

Tablet 6: The Key to Above and Below This part is about unity. In an infinite state, there is no below or above. Just unity, consequently the cognizance of the wisdom masters, is inside us.

Tablet 7: The Law of Cause and Effect and the Key of Prophecy It is very fascinating to go over the subject of karma's impact and cause. "Thoth reveals to us that we can realize what's to come in the future if we realize what causes it. Thoth cautions us about the battles to come, and men will conquer the sea and the air; once man gathered the lightning, the wars will shake the Earth. Also, when the Sons of the Morning come to guide the man, the old home of individuals will ascend from its place underneath the profound, dark sea waves. Man will advance until he turns into the light when he becomes one with the source," says Billy Carson.



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