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Are You Worth What You Believe You Deserve?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

By J. Chatfield

When we were children, there was no value to what we would do creatively or "do" period. We did whatever it was freely with no attachment to receive something back. As we grew in years we observed there was an exchange for what we give to get something. I cannot tell you when that started for me, but I can tell you that for most of my life I was comfortable being told what I was to be given for my service. My aunt worked at a local college for $3.75 an hour. I found this out when the supervisor told her to do something she was unable to do physically in her late 50's. He threatened her job that if she did not do what he asked at that moment that he would fire her. My aunt, being the dynamic woman she is, told him that he could keep his job. She was worth far more than $3.75, and she did more than whatever $3.75 was worth.

This incident and a few more along my life created a fascination to understand the mind of attaching value and accepting what someone else says people are worth. When asked, "How much are you worth"? We don't answer honestly. We answer with what we think will get us the result at that time in order to earn a paycheck. There are times that this is answered honestly and we are surprised that we get what we asked for. Why? Do you have trust in your gift to deliver the service or the trust in being paid for time? Your value for your time. The value they told you that you are worth.

I said all of this to shine a light on how we should transfer the mind of personal worth from that of what has been projected onto us. We need to operate in the system of currency exchange but lack the confidence to align ourselves with what we really want to have to be abundant in our work. Ask yourself, really ask yourself. What do you want? Be confident in your declaration. I'm not talking about compensations from a job. I'm talking about what you do and love to do well.

At some point, you will have to come to mindfulness of "value" when you start a business or businesses for yourself. Many hesitate to truly tell people what their services are worth as they operate in this currency system. They struggle with attaching value to their gift, because, well, it's a gift.


When you think about it, we were subconsciously programmed to attach value to our services. We are programmed that we have to engage in work to receive value. How many times do you see the pay for a position and you think " I'm not working for that". You see the next job posting for $3 more and you apply for the position. Or you find yourself saying " They don't pay me enough to do that". Now, as an entrepreneur, you have the ability to reprogram your mind that you are limitless in value You are valued and not what someone says you worth. This leaves many in a bit of a conundrum.

Confidence is found in working for time and not time working for yourself. It is so comforting to say you will receive a paycheck and there is nothing else to worry about. You know where it is coming from and your value is set. For years this has been the mindset but now the shift to providing without that comfort is forcing many to think harder about their value. Some attach "time and effort", but is this really a thing?

What if you developed the confidence to produce results for yourself and allow the value to flow to you? This sounds amazingly complicated when you have other pressing things to take care of but achievable. The value isn't so much in what you do but rather than it is how you feel about what you are doing. You can know you do a great job and are very creative but do you really believe that there is value in your gift? How do you do this? Get rid of the core beliefs that block you from achieving the value you rightfully deserve.

Set up some time to work on you and your beliefs around what you deserve and how that looks to you. No one knows your worth better than you, sometimes they do but only to complement what they want from you. You are more deserving of your gift to work for you to take care of you, your family, and connect that back into your community.

Are you worth what you believe you deserve? Well, now, that is up to you and your core beliefs.

J. Chatfield is an author, homeschool parent, and podcaster that loves to uplift heal, and motivate others to live their purposed life. She loves writing stories/producing media for children and adults to assist them in knowing themselves. You can find her books: Homeschooling and Owning Your Schedule, The Facts Of The Numbers Are Understanding How Your Children Learn Using Numerology, and other various story downloads on her website;

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