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Anil Seth: Is Reality a Hallucination?

By: April Carson

This is an ongoing question that scientists are still trying to answer. But we do know some things about how our brains create our subjective realities. For example, we know that different parts of the brain are responsible for different aspects of our experience. The frontal cortex is involved in higher-level thinking, such as planning and problem solving. The temporal lobe helps us process sensory information, like sound and sight. And the parietal lobe helps us understand where we are in space.

Anil Seth, a cognitive and computational neuroscience professor at the University of Sussex, explains how perception and reality are linked. He has been studying consciousness for years, and he has some interesting theories on how it works. According to Seth, our brains create reality as we know it.

"How can we be sure that what we are experiencing is genuine? In reality, we may not even be aware of it," Seth added. Everything we see, everything we feel, is the consequence of our brains interpreting incoming sensory data in a specific way.

All of our experiences may be said to be hallucinations. It's simply that whenever we reach an agreement about what exists, we call it reality. Brain uses its previous expectations about what is out there in order to interpret this continuous, noisy, and ambiguous sensory data that it receives.

Perceiving is a never-ending, active process of interpretation rather than just reflecting what's physically there. It's simple to believe that we see with our eyes. In reality, our brains are what allow us to see. Our eyes, after all, are necessary; but what we end up perceiving is primarily the result of how our brain interprets all of this information from the eyes.

When the difference between how the brain understands sensory information and what the senses are is upset, that's when people begin to see things that others don't perceive and this is known as hallucination.

When you look at a cloud, are faces visible in it, that's a form of hallucination. Others will observe things that ordinary people can't see because they have a different balance between their prior expectations and the sensory data delivered.

Hallucinations can also be induced by drugs, sleep deprivation, or migraines.

Another consideration is when you take psychedelic medicines. This also leads to people having unusual experiences, seeing things that aren't there. It doesn't imply that these items are real. It just implies that your brain is operating in a different way, causing your previous expectations to dominate the sensory information.

We can observe a variety of changes in the brain while on psychedelics. The brain becomes somewhat more ragged, for lack of a better word. Different parts of the brain usually have activity that is linked. We see all these networks in the brain, with various regions active at the same time, and then they cease their activity simultaneously. What this suggests is that the brain is reconfiguring itself. It's not just that different areas are being activated; it's that new networks are being formed.

Visual hallucinations in the psychedelic state might be caused by what happens to your brain rather than sensory data that reaches into your eyes and ears. And we have the chance now to try to figure out how and why this occurs.

What we think is real, on the other hand, is a product of the brain. It's not something that exists out there in the world waiting to be discovered. It's a brain-generated reality, and our brains are constantly constructing it for us moment by moment. We know this because when the brain is damaged in some way, or when it's deprived of sensory input, the reality that we experience changes as well.

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