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An Urgent Matter: YOUR DREAMS

By ShonSpeaks

Live life with a sense of urgency that my dreams are must haves.

Why live my life if I can’t live my dreams? Why be frustrated with my own existence when I know my own existence is limited?

One day is no day. I got today and that is it. If I keep putting off for a better day, that day will never come and my opportunity to live my dreams in this body and in this space and time will be gone. Maybe there is reincarnation, maybe I will come back again, maybe there is a heaven for me to dance all day, maybe I will burn in hell because I don’t believe, or just maybe this life in this body is all I got.

I want to start living in the know of the life I do have and not the hope or fear of a life I don’t even know exists. I don’t need the fears or hopes of all the intermediaries telling me I can’t do this or I must do that in order to preserve something I haven’t even gotten yet or maybe will never have. If another life for me does exist, I can figure out all of the do’s and don’ts of that life in that life’s time when or if it happens. But right now, living my dreams in this life I know I have is an urgent matter.

Over a week ago, my best friend’s parents died within days of each other. Today is the double funeral. I was about to go the gym to release some energy, but this blog came through me and I wanted to release it.

I was just with her, her sister and her father helping to write up the mother’s funeral program last Friday. The mother was a beautiful vibrant full of life person. Her presence made me smile.

After the mother’s death that week, I left work on that Friday to spend the day with my best friend and her family. After I got into the house, it felt strange not to have her mother greet me. I knew that feeling.

I then sat on the steps next to my friend’s father in his media room while he was sitting in his theatre-style chair watching ESPN. I joked with him saying, “you can watch sports news all day just like my husband?” He replied with a sophisticated chuckle, “yes.” I didn’t quite recognize the man talking on the television because I am not that into sports so I asked who is that, and he replied, “oh that’s Stephen A, he’s the man; this is his show. That other man is just a guest. Stephen A is making all the money.” I chuckled Stephen A getting older I didn’t recognize him in response.

I then gave him my condolences for the loss of his beautiful wife. I talked to him about how much I enjoyed her and how wonderful of a person she was. I told him how much I loved when I used to go watch her sing on Sunday’s at Billy Blues when I was in college. A bunch of friends and family would come to Billy Blues in Houston and gather around a big table and have wine, liquor, soda and great conversation while listening to beautiful music song by his wife and her band. Anytime I came to Houston after my college days and she was singing, I would meet my best friend to listen to her mother sing. Those were beautiful experiences that would only last for a time and I enjoyed every time I heard her sing.

I could tell as I talked, his thoughts reminiscently toured those Billy Blues days as he pictured his younger self sitting at the front of the stage with the crowd while his wife was on the stage in her beautiful dress with her beautiful face singing and living her dreams. And in that moment of thought, he was living his too!

His eyes watered; he was silent for a moment and then he said yes those were the good ole days. I sat there watching ESPN for a few more minutes with him and then my best friend brought her father a hearty breakfast made for two. We joked about how much food she had put on his plate. And he said, “she is just like her mother; I can’t eat all of that. I used to tell her mother that too.” We all three laughed. I stood up, leaned over and gave him a hug , told him to enjoy his breakfast, and I went back into the kitchen with the other family and friends.

I stayed over there the whole day. I saw her father walk around the house. I saw her father sit at the kitchen table eating Frenchy’s chicken. He laughed at us while we were all typing on laptops and iPads trying to work on his wife’s celebration of life program. He commented that we had it together. We chucked.

Who knew that day was my best friend’s father’s last day of life?

That next day, he laid dead on the floor of his bedroom. I was there in the bedroom with my friend while she hugged her dad. She felt her dad was cold and she knew he liked to be warm so she had me put socks on his feet. As I placed socks on her dad’s feet, I watched her hug him tighter and cry louder. I then got a blanket at her instructions and covered his body. She laid there with her dad. She was a daddy’s girl. I could relate. I was one too.

I watched as tuxedo dressed men from the funeral home came into the house, and carried his body from the beautiful home into a vehicle. And I knew after that, I would never see that body called my best friend’s dad again. I kissed his forehead with love and said, “Goodbye!”

Why live your life if you can’t live your dreams? Why be frustrated with your own existence when you know your own existence is limited?

You don’t have one day to live you, be you, and do you. You have today. It’s time we get others out of our head and start living our dreams today.

Live life with a sense of urgency that your dreams are must haves—your must haves before the scene of your life changes.



La Shon Y. Fleming Bruce a/k/a SHONSPEAKS is a blogger, speaker, and lead creator of I am also a lawyer and managing member of The Fleming-Bruce Law Firm, P.L.L.C. If you want to check out more of my writings that may not be released on this site, go over to my website at

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