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The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness

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What is the definition of the word “recipe”? According to the dictionary, the definition of recipe is a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required. This is precisely why I absolutely love the work that Elisabeth Hoekstra put into this book. Elisabeth has literally given us an amazing recipe for obtaining an elevated consciousness. All of the ingredients that one would need to elevate themselves from their current state of being are thoughtfully laid out in this book. We can travel into the past to conduct some existential detective work in order to understand how our experiences have shaped our reactions in the present. The founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, stated that our mind is like an iceberg – only a small part of it is above the waterline, while the rest drifts in the murky depths of our unconscious. Only when we pull our darkest fears and desires into the light of the conscious mind, where we can examine them calmly and analytically, will they begin to lose their monstrosity and much of their influence. What we do not know consciously – the repressed – is the true “other” to genuine self-knowledge. Elisabeth Hoekstra skillfully takes us on a journey to rediscover who we really are. It is through this epiphany of self-knowledge that we can truly begin to understand our true nature and do the shadow work needed to climb out of the abyss. With excellent reviews from Dr. Daniel Amen, Billy Carson and many more. This book will inspire you to bio-hack your best life.

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