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A Brain-Like Computer Chip Coming Soon

It has been reported that “a pocket calculator or even a USB-C charger has more computing power than the best computers used to send astronauts to the moon. ... Put simply, the iPhone 6's clock is 32,600 times faster than the best Apollo era computers and could perform instructions 120,000,000 times faster.”

And now, scientists have developed a new material that simulates the human brain synapses. This material is being put into computer chips that will likely be placed in your next personal computer.

The computer chip will be modeled after your brain’s neural network. Basically, this chip is the “first electrochemical 3-terminal transistor manufactured with 2D materials.”

Scientists at Stanford University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology found that memory components created with a titanium carbide compound that is called MXene exhibits what they say is “outstanding potential for complementing classical transistor technology.”

In function, the electrochemical random access memory or ECRAM as its called acts as a synaptic cell in an artificial network, which in turn provides a one-stop-shop for storing and processing data. Professor Max Hamedi at KTH Royal Institute said, “these new computers rely on components that can have multiple states, and perform in-memory computation.”

These scientists published their findings in “Advanced Functional Materials” and indicated that MXenes may play an important role in developing “neuromorphic computers” that operate similar to human brains with multiple times energy efficiency than today’s traditional computers. Some say “one million times more efficient.”

What if you could quite your mind and leave the thoughts on repeat to your computer? Who could you be if your mind was free and not bogged down in the superficial worries created by society?

Think a minute how efficient you are with the computer you have currently. If you need to look up a word on the computer, now you can just tap on the word and click “look up” and voilà THE DEFINITION APPEARS.

Computers have already opened the door to freeing our minds from the worries of the world.

Professor Hamedi in a statement with “TechRadar Pro” indicated that the technology, “uses the same processes as cmos wafer assembly, integrating layers of 2D material on silicon, so it’s true hybrid integration with the same back of the line processes.”

Further, Professor Hamedi stated, “we will be able to fabricate special purpose computer blocks (in say 5-10 years) where memory and transistors merge making them at least 1000 times more energy efficient than the best computers we have today for AI and simulation tasks (some calculation even show 1 million fold energy efficiency for certain algorithms).”

These chips once testing, prodding and remodeling are completed will definitely be commercially sold. And reports indicate that we can expect these chips to be in commercial products before the end of the decade after the completion of the GTM (Go to Market) strategy which normally takes 3 to 5 years of trails and testing. Cloud computing services like web hosting and website builders will definitely be using these chips once manufactured and sold.

As technology continues to advance beyond our trained imagination, is it possible that we are simply reconnecting with our power to create ourselves? And if true, is it possible that our greatest power lies in our ability to imagine beyond the conditioning of our socialized human avatar bodies? The depth of our powers are encased within our human avatar bodies and is being manifested in the technology we are creating..


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