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A 2700-Year-Old Skull Reveals Remarkable Survival After Brain Surgery in China

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

By: April Carson

In the vast expanse of the Yanghai cemetery in Xinjiang, China, a discovery has emerged that challenges our understanding of ancient medical practices. An ancient skull, dating back 2700 years, tells a compelling tale of survival and resilience after undergoing what appears to be a sophisticated form of brain surgery. This find not only sheds light on the medical capabilities of shamanic doctors in ancient China but also prompts a reevaluation of our perceptions of ancient civilizations' medical knowledge.

The Remarkable Skull:

The focal point of this archaeological marvel is a skull displaying unmistakable signs of healing, indicating that its owner survived a groundbreaking surgical procedure. The surgical intervention involved the removal of a part of the skull, a practice known as trepanation, which was carried out to alleviate pressure on the brain. What makes this case truly extraordinary is that the individual not only endured the procedure but thrived for at least eight weeks post-surgery.

Shamanic Medicine in Ancient China:

The Yanghai cemetery is a treasure trove of insights into the practices of a clan deeply rooted in shamanism. Shamanism, characterized by the use of trance to communicate with the spiritual realm, was an integral part of the belief system in ancient China. The discovery of this skilled surgical procedure at the Yanghai cemetery challenges preconceived notions about the medical knowledge and capabilities of ancient shamanic doctors.

Expert Opinions:

Dr. Li Mei, a renowned archaeologist and expert in ancient Chinese civilizations, remarks on the significance of this finding: "This discovery challenges our understanding of ancient medical practices in China. The level of skill and precision required for such a surgical procedure suggests a nuanced understanding of anatomy and the importance of relieving cranial pressure."

Dr. Wang Qiang, a neurosurgeon specializing in ancient medical practices, adds, "The fact that the individual survived for an extended period after the surgery indicates not only successful intervention but also a level of post-operative care that is truly remarkable for its time."

Implications for Ancient Medicine:

The revelation of this ancient brain surgery raises intriguing questions about the knowledge and techniques employed by shamanic doctors in ancient China. Did they possess a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy? How did they manage infection and promote healing in the absence of modern medical tools? These questions challenge the narrative of primitive ancient civilizations and prompt a reevaluation of their medical achievements.

The discovery of the 2700-year-old skull in the Yanghai cemetery paints a vivid picture of the resilience and medical ingenuity of ancient civilizations. As we unravel the mysteries concealed within the layers of time, it becomes evident that our ancestors possessed a level of medical sophistication that transcends our previous understanding. This remarkable find not only deepens our appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit but also invites us to rethink the narrative of ancient medical practices.

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