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4BiddenKnowledge Inc Presents:


Invest in 4BiddenKnowledge TV, a profitable and rapidly growing business. Stream educational content on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Google Play, or directly from the website. Join the movement exploring ancient civilizations, metaphysics, spirituality, and more.

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913 4Bidden Fans

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Founded in 2017, the Company is the leading provider of original educational and informational content relating to ancient civilizations, esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, and inspiration. The content is available for streaming through Apple TV, Amazon Video, Roku, Google Play, and directly from the Company’s website.

The Company has three main revenue sources: subscription fees (for the content), merchandise and book sales, and workshops. 

The Company currently has 87,000 current subscribers including vacay mode, and inactive. 50,000+ app downloads on google play. The funds raised during this offering will be primarily used for talent acquisition, expansion of the current recording facilities, content creation, and marketing. 


Available for streaming via Apple TV/App Store, Roku, Amazon, Google Play as well as directly from its website, 4BiddenKnowledge TV provides educational and informational content in the fields of ancient civilizations, esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, and inspiration. The Company currently has over 50,000 paying monthly subscribers.

The Problem

The major streaming TV networks in the space such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all share or compete for 75% of the same content, which has left viewers with little to nothing new to experience and enjoy. As broadcasting has more and more moved towards streaming, 4BiddenKnowledge TV is in an excellent position to capitalize on the prevailing trend.


The Company's goal is to provide a global streaming TV app platform that caters to alternative conscious content. The Company aims to give its subscribers educational and entertaining content that will help increase their knowledge of themselves and the Universe. With its huge library containing about 75% of original content with the remaining content licensed, 4BiddenKnowledge TV is a breath of fresh air in a huge market that is poised to continue to grow and which yearns for new content. Unlike the competition, 4BiddenKnowledge offers insight from hundreds of hosts from all over the world and brings the viewer to ancient locations of mystery and spirituality. 4BiddenKnowledge TV host Billy Carson offers unparalleled wisdom to the viewer.

Raised to Date


913 4Bidden Fans

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Grow with Billy Carson: Your Investment Opportunity

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