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Roderick Martin

UFO Researcher / Investigator & TV Personality

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TV personality and Show Host, Roderick Martin is an expert UFO and UAP investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He also hosts the podcast and Youtube channel, Why The Big Secret (TM) where Ufologists, researchers, experiencers, speakers, and authors discuss the big issues.

Roderick has uncovered cultural differences in many minority experiences, researched UFO encounters and interviewed alien abductees from the minority perspective, and has become arguably, the most trusted source on these topics within the black community.

Roderick has been featured on numerous documentaries, including Discovery+'s Alien Endgame, 4BiddenKnowledgeTV’s Black Knight Satellite documentary and Fox Tubi's documentary called, "Aliens, Abductions and Roswell 75". He has also made featured appearances on GAIA's Beyond Belief Show with George Noory, and filmed upcoming shows on GAIA’s Open Minds with Regina Meredith and History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.

Roderick founded one of the most popular clubs on the Clubhouse Social Audio app and wrote the book “How to Become A Clubhouse Influencer”.

The club of over 27,000 members is a relaxed venue where luminaries can share their stories, passions, thoughts on the UAP phenomenon, and visions of the space future. Past guests include Linda Moulton Howe, Billy Carlson, Grant Cameron, Alan Steinfeld, Barbara Lamb, Whitley Strieber, Kathleen Marden, Retired Air Force Captain Robert Sales, countless Authors, and real-life experiences.

Roderick Martin lives and works in Texas.

Phone : (972) 916-8315 - Initial contact preferably text message. Website:
YouTube: Roderick Martin- Why The Big Secret

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*TV Appearances: Discovery + Alien Endgame, FoxTubi Aliens Abduction UFOs and Roswell 75, 4BiddenkwowledgeTv – Black Knight Satellite | Beyond The Signal, GAIA’s Beyond Belief – George Noory | History Channel: Ancient Aliens upcoming episodes.

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