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Woman who organized to donate part of her liver to get her son a job is fined

By: April Carson

The woman who was willing to offer her liver for a payment of cash and a job for her son has been fined, as per reports. In an unexpected and concerning turn of events, the woman will now have to pay for her actions.

The Korean newspaper, The Hankyoreh reported an alarming story about a 50-year-old woman, Ms. K who was investigated after her prolonged hospital stay due to COVID-19 triggered suspicion from authorities. The woman had been making arrangements to donate part of her liver to a patient in exchange for a job opportunity for her son.

In February, she received a hint that the chairman of a construction company was gravely ill and had to have a liver transplant. She met up with an associate who attended school with the president -- also the son of the chairman. Mr N provided her with further information about this situation.

The Hankyoreh reports that Ms K was willing to contribute a portion of her liver in exchange for $77,000 and an occupation opportunity for her son.

On March 7th, Ms. K went to the hospital for a series of tests before joining the organ donor registry one week later according to reports from the outlet.

She went to the hospital for surgery, only to find out that she had COVID-19. Consequently, her procedure was delayed. Unsettled by their relationship dynamics, a nurse reported the woman as an organ trafficker while they waited.

The police were called, and Ms. K was fined $6,000 for her actions. She later explained that she was desperate to get her son a job after his college education didn’t pay off. The court found the woman guilty of violating South Korea's Human Organ Transplant Act and issued the hefty fine due to the seriousness of the offense.

As the investigation into this matter unfolded, tragedy struck when the chairman passed away in July. Consequently, the surgery was canceled as a result. According to The Hankyoreh, this is what occurred.

South Korea's organ transplant act strictly prohibits any agreement that involves the exchange of money or financial gain, and it was revealed that their contract had been contravening this law.

Ms K was required to pay a fine of 3 million won ($2,343) by the court while Mr N received a six-month prison sentence — suspended for two years. The accomplice in this case also obtained a one-year jail term verdict.

Without a doubt, this case has forced us to reflect on the organ donation system in South Korea. The current regulations need intense scrutiny and enforcement, as well as a better understanding of ethical laws that ultimately protect donors and recipients.

Ms K requested leniency from the judge by claiming her ignorance of the law, according to The Hankyoreh.

During the trial, Ms K admitted that she hoped her son would be able to get a job after the operation was successful and confessed that she had been enticed by the prospect of receiving money for it.

Upholding the law, the judge declared that organ removal and transplantation are strictly forbidden as they can detrimentally affect public health and put both donor's and recipient's lives at risk. Therefore, due to their infringement of this ruling, it is inevitable for the defendants to face criminal punishment.

The judge concluded the trial by stating that it is important for everyone to understand and abide by the regulations concerning organ transplantation. Despite Ms K’s circumstance, this case serves as a reminder of why we have such strict laws in place.

The court's decision to fine the mother and son duo is not only a reminder of the importance of abiding by the law, but also serves as an indication that our society must take a closer look at preferential treatment and corruption. This case proves that the justice system has no tolerance for such actions and will not hesitate to enforce its laws when necessary.

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