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Woman is ordered to remove doorbell camera after video of theft involving security guard goes viral

By: April Carson

A condo association in Northeast Miami-Dade has upset and irritated a homeowner after telling her to remove her doorbell camera just days after another condo owner's camera captured the theft of property from the building's security guard.

Following the footage that was shown on TV, Magdalena Cuprys, a resident at The Towers of Quayside condominiums, said she felt as if many of her neighbors had when they saw it.

"I felt invaded, I felt that my privacy had been taken away from me," Cuprys said. "It was a very disturbing video."

"I was just completely shocked," Cuprys said. "You just see this big guy going through all of these peoples' stuff and he's just so calm about it."

“It got me really angry, to be honest with you,” she added.

The footage from another resident's doorbell camera on Quayside Tower Four, which was obtained by the Financial Times in June and reviewed by The Guardian, appears to show a security guard taking something from an injured elderly woman's purse while first responders attended to her.

After it was published to social media, the clip of the event became viral. It was also reported on 7News.

The elderly woman who fell and was taken to the hospital declined to press charges. Despite the video showing the now-fired guard removing something from her bag and stuffing it in her pants, she said she didn't know if anything had been stolen.

Cupry, who lives in a neighboring tower at Quayside, stated that she was relieved to have a doorbell camera like the one featured in this incident.

“When I announced that I owned a Ring doorbell, the association sent me a letter the next day stating that I was in violation of condo rules and had to take down my camera.”

The tower's association cited "a physical alteration of a typical feature" as the reason for ordering Cuprys to remove her doorbell camera in the letter she received.

“It's a cover-up, in essence,” she added.

Cuprys, an attorney, shared the letter on social media as well.

“I captured the entire letter and posted it on the Facebook group so that they could all see what it said,” she added.

The video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and has nearly 4,000 comments.

“I was in disbelief that somebody who is supposed to be providing security would be doing something like this,” Cuprys told ABC News.

While the identity of the man in the video has not been made public, Cuprys said she plans to file a police report.

“I want to pursue this criminally because I think it's important that people are held accountable for their actions,” she said. “I don't want this to happen to anyone else.”

“I have a young child who is 8 years old, and this was put up for my protection,” she continued. “They're more worried about us not wanting to film things that occur and distribute them with other residents.”

The letter states that Cuprys is in violation of a uniformity restriction, however she provided 7News with clear proof of other doors on her floor that seem to violate the rule, including knockers, security reinforcements, and religious adornments.

She referred to the doorbell policy as a double standard.

“It's almost like they're targeting me,” Cuprys said. “I don't know why. I just feel like it's not fair.”

The letter from the condominium association gave her seven days to comply or face a $100 fine for each day she does not remove the doorbell camera. As of now, she has no plans of taking it down.

“If they want to fine me, they can fine me,” Cuprys said. “I'm not going to take it down. It gives me a sense of security. I paid for it, and I'll keep it up.”

“They've requested that all of the cameras be removed if something happens tomorrow,” she added.

The condo association and the individual who penned the letter to 7News did not respond to our inquiries.

Even though the security guard captured in the surveillance video was terminated, no criminal charges were filed against her.

“I would like to see her be arrested and charged,” Cuprys said. “She was on duty. She's supposed to be protecting the property, not stealing from it.”

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