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What is the reason for China to drill a hole deeper than 10,000 meters?

By: April Carson

According to a Xinhua news report, the nation started excavating its first borehole on Tuesday (May 30) to tunnel 10,000 meters (32,808 feet) below the Earth's crust. The purpose of the ambitious project is to explore and assess the geothermal resources in China's southwestern region, as well as gain a better understanding of deep geological processes.

The borehole is in the Taklamakan Desert, which is situated in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwestern China. This region is known for its abundant resources. But with temperatures rising in recent years, there is an urgent need to look for alternative sources of energy.

According to Xinhua, the project will require the use of 2,000 metric tons of equipment to penetrate 10 layers of continental strata. The borehole will eventually dig into the Cretaceous System, a stratified rock layer that is approximately 145 million years old. It is estimated that the project will take about 457 days to complete.

By drilling a hole deeper than 10,000 meters, China is aiming to gain a greater understanding of its geothermal resources and develop more advanced technologies for tapping into its energy potential.

Experts on a groundbreaking project to expand human knowledge have declared their drilling of a 10,000-meter borehole to be a fearless endeavor into the unknown depths of the Earth. As reported by the Global Times, this mission pushes boundaries and aims to uncover groundbreaking discoveries. Further research may also help uncover secrets of the Earth's interior, which could be useful in understanding climate change and other geological phenomena.

China is also hoping that the project will launch a new era of energy exploration in the country. It is hoped that, by tapping into geothermal resources, China can reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and create cleaner sources of energy. This could not only benefit China but also help to reduce global carbon emissions.

China aims to utilize these resources as a renewable source of energy to decrease its reliance on fossil fuels and combat concerns related to global warming.

The deepest hole ever drilled on the planet is the Kola Superdeep Borehole located in northwest Russia. It measures 12,262 meters (40,230 feet) in depth. With its project in the Taklamakan Desert, China is hoping to break that record.

The new borehole in Xinjiang is located in an area abundant with minerals and oil, which are natural resources that China is seeking to obtain. China's minister of natural resources, Wang Guanghua, emphasized the importance of domestic sourcing for raw materials and energy to reduce dependence on foreign sources January. "We should focus on the development and utilization of domestic resources," he stated.

In addition to the possibility of finding natural resources, drilling deep into the Earth's surface could also help China improve its understanding of seismic activity and the potential risks of natural disasters. By gaining a better understanding of the Earth's subsurface, China may be able to predict and prepare for earthquakes or other geological events.

China has identified four areas of strategic importance to focus its scientific efforts, as outlined by President Xi Jinping in a 2021 speech. These areas include deep Earth exploration, deep sea exploration, deep blue (referring to information technology), and deep space exploration. "Exploration of the unknown is an important element for strengthening a nation's innovative capabilities," Xi declared.

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