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What is the origin of Space, Time, and Gravity?

By: April Carson

The origin of space, time, and gravity is one of the greatest mysteries in science. Many scientists have proposed theories to explain these phenomena, but none of these theories have gained widespread acceptance among the scientific community.

One popular theory is that space and time are aspects of a single underlying entity called spacetime. According to this theory, some kind of field, called a gravitational field, is responsible for the force of gravity.

Another theory is that space, time, and gravity are all caused by the curvature of spacetime due to the presence of matter or energy. In this scenario, particles of matter and antimatter interact with each other through an exchange of gravitons.

The concepts of general and quantum physics are the two most important theoretical breakthroughs in modern physics, yet Einstein's concept of gravity as a curvature in space-time does not easily fit with a universe made up of quantum wavefunctions. Recent research that attempts to connect these ideas is already yielding some mind-bending results. Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist and author, explains that the universe's space and time might be emergent properties rather than inherent qualities of the cosmos.

Sean has spent years as a research professor of physics at Caltech, but he will be joining the Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University.

He is also on the board of directors for the Santa Fe Institute. Sean studies profound inquiries about quantum mechanics, gravity, time, and cosmology wherever he may be. He's the creator of several publications, including his most recent work Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime.

So what is the origin of space, time, and gravity? Carroll starts by explaining that in order for there to be a universe at all, there has to be a special set of numbers that describe its fundamental laws. These numbers are called "fundamental constants," and they're used in equations to figure out what the universe is made of and how it behaves. This includes the speed of light, which Carroll points out may not necessarily be a constant, but instead might just be an arbitrary number that happens to describe our universe.

He then goes on to say that the origin of space, time, and gravity may be found in the fact that the fundamental constants are "tuned" just right to allow for life. If any of them were even slightly different, it's unlikely that life would be possible. So why are they just right? Carroll speculates that there might be an infinite number of universes, each with different values for the fundamental constants. In most of these universes, life would be impossible. But in our universe, by sheer chance, the values happen to be tuned perfectly for life.

This may seem like a far-fetched idea, but it has some support from the recent discovery of evidence for the existence of other universes. It might be a while before we understand the origin of space, time, and gravity, but it's an exciting area of research that could help us to better understand our place in the universe.

Carroll also mentions that there might be an infinite number of universes, each with different values for the fundamental constants. In most of these universes, life would be impossible. But in our universe, by sheer chance, the values happen to be tuned perfectly for life. This "multiverse" theory could explain why the laws of physics are precisely tuned for life; it's just that we happen to live in the one universe that is conducive to our existence.

This is important when trying to understand the origin of space, time, and gravity, because it means that there is no need to invoke a designer or higher power to explain why the universe is hospitable to life. Instead, the multiverse theory suggests that our universe is just one of many, each with its own set of laws.

In the multiverse theory, they are just a product of the random fluctuations in the fabric of reality. They are not created or destroyed; they just are. Carroll states that space and time are "emergent" concepts that only exist in our universe because of the way it is structured.

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