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What is the Meaning of Om?

“In the start become the Word, and the Word become with God, and the Word become God.” It is a mainly human trait to be curious approximately our origins, and the origins of our universe. How should so much – the range of our planet, the vastness of our sun system, the unknown reaches of space – come from nothing?

Spiritual traditions from everywhere in the global have grappled with this question, and feature identified the profound function of the Divine Word because the origins, the start, of the universe. If at the start there has been nothing, the first actual element become a valid vibration, and from there, the whole thing sprang into existence, and the cloth global become born. And Western technology is now approaching board as well: quantum physicists were analyzing the function of vibration at the basis of count number itself.

Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The very foundations of our Universe, of matter and thought, appear to lie in sound vibration.

And from a yogic perspective, there is a profound connection between speech (the expression of our thoughts) and prana (the life energy carried on the breath). When we speak, we are naming our reality while using the power of the breath to form and express our words. Speech is prana in action. Prana naturally creates sound.

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