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What Happens When You Eat A Big Mac Every Day?

By: April Carson

Eating a Big Mac sandwich from McDonald's every day for years may have absolutely no measurable negative impact on you—save for some special sauce on your shirt--if you consider Don Gorske as proof. The 65-year old from Fon du Lac, Wisconsin has attacked at least one big mac and consumed more than 30 thousand in just under four decades without ever getting sick or obese!

Fast food is a major cause of obesity, and many people are overweight because they eat fast food every day. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one-third Americans consume this type cookery on the daily basis; it's not likely coincidence in 72% who have been classified by medical professionals as obese or overweight. So if you eat nothing else, maybe it's time to think about what you put in your mouth at least once a day.

The effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices are not just in your head. They have real world consequences, such as increased fatigue which can lead to decreased enjoyment of life due to low-grade health complaints like pain or discomfort; obesity leading you on a path towards chronic diseases including diabetes (which require expensive treatment) depression, anxiety - all things that will add stress onto an already hectic life! The costs associated with eating unhealthy foods? Medical visits co pays prescriptions medications etc. What about the emotional costs like low self esteem, no energy?

By eating unhealthy foods people are taking their lives in their hands everyday. For example, unhealthy diets increase cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease and other serious medical conditions. It is important to make the right choices when it comes to what we eat. Eating unhealthy foods on a daily basis is not good for the body and it is most certainly not good for the mind.

It's hard to think of all that could go wrong when you're looking at a burger though, right? However unhealthy eating isn't just an emotional issue but a physical one as well! A study showed that when people ate unhealthy foods everyday for a period of six weeks they saw an increase in LDL (bad cholesterol) and a decrease in HDL (good cholesterol). This is bad news for your heart and reduces the efficiency of it.

People who eat unhealthy foods have been known to have low self esteem, lack energy and have even been linked to depression! But eating a Big Mac every dat has it's own set of problems. It can also cause constipation, you become overweight, it increases the risk of diabetes and it can also cause high blood pressure.

What happens when you make it a regular habit like Don Gorske—and 33% of all Americans? In all likelihood, we'll only go farther. And while the Big Mac may be culprit here (though not as guilty), by no means is this iconic fast food burger worse than any other thing on your menu like the fries or sodas.

One of the most popular fast food chains to dine in or take out is the all American burger joint, McDonalds! Many people’s go-to meal when they are feeling lazy or just want something filling quickly for lunch or dinner is a Big Mac with fries on the side.

Now don't get me wrong, fast food restaurants are convenient, affordable and a good first choice for a quick meal. However, the unhealthy combination of saturated fats from the burger, salt from fries and calories from soda tips the scale towards unhealthy eating habits. This unhealthy habit can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and obesity.





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