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We Are Powerful Beings: Are We Our Ancestors?

I am to life necessary to a certain extent, usable to a certain extent, and disposable to a certain extent. How do I know this is my reality? Life uses me to irrigate the land with water even when life doesn’t bring rain. To that extent I am necessary to the continuation of the ecosystem because of my ability to think and imagine ideas that functions seamlessly within the natural processes of life. I am disposable in this life to the extent of my physical body because this physical body dies (changes from what we know to exist back to nothing before existence).

We could argue from a religious standpoint whether there exists a heaven or a hell to where an after party of dancing and singing never ends or where the bodies are perpetually tortured in a lake of fire.

But why?

Do you really want to dance 24/7? And just in case you were not good enough to go to heaven is there really a need to worry about your body burning continuously? If the spirit leaves the body at death, as most religious burial ceremonials teach (“ashes to ashes, dust to dust), then can the body really feel anything after death? Once a body is burned to a crisp, can the body without the energy spirit feel the burn? And can an energy spirit without a body burn?

No one has a definitive answer of absolute truth of whether this happens at all and if so at one point in the future does it happen after the body is dead. Therefore, these religious stories that keep us obedient to systems that don’t benefit us are unnecessary to our mental psyche and only works to limit us in our being our best selves today. So why concern our selves with such fantastical imaginations?

We could argue reincarnation after death because the body does become a part of the soil of the land from which we eat live and enjoy. But is this reincarnation as religions debate it or just another way Life finds us usable in a different way.

What we do know is that this physical body functions one day as a fleshy being navigating this Life’s ecosystem, creating things, building things and innovating systems for our bodies to follow and then one day our bodies no matter how smart, no matter how good or evil, no matter how wealthy or poor, and no matter how influential doesn’t function the same and then one day doesn’t function as before at all.

We go back to nothing. If the body is buried, the body rests in a grave and the flesh decomposes back into the ground and if the body is cremated, the body’s ashes become indistinguishable from the dirt or melts into the water.

If buried, some of the bones remain intact as a reminder from Life that your being is a powerful dual existence - a helpless body yet something more than a body. A body once dead remains where it is laid. If cremated, the body and bones become part of the air, dirt or water and is ingested by us as a continual life flow. So in that way past human beings live perpetually through present human beings in some ways. We are our ancestors so all the power that flowed through them flows through us, so what are we doing with this power? Do you feel fearless or fearful right now?

Though parts of the body that once existed is gone, the energy that animated the body is nowhere yet still everywhere because of our brain’s ability to remember, to seek, and to find. Yesterday, I stared at my dad’s picture on my mirror and I remembered his smile and it calmed me, his gate and it made me laugh, and his ability to talk me off the ledge of my emotions and I knew my broken heart would heal. My dad died in 2019.

I don’t need to call this process of Life god Jesus Krishna Buddha or anything outside of the flow of our physical existence within a greater existence. And this flow—this process—is my life’s reality and the reality of all physical bodies around me no matter their status, no matter their religion or no matter what god they claim as greater.

And for that reason there is no reason to debate who’s god is the real god because all gods no matter what name man gives him and what power man bestows on this god’s character is subject to this same flow of life’s reality. And this flow is wholly outside of man’s control. So why not just trust life’s process without fear but with love and live your best life now? Be a more powerful more confident more alive version of your ancestors past.


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