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US govt might freeze American bank withdrawals due to mounting currency panic and capital flight

By: April Carson

Hugh Hendry, a hedge fund manager, and macroeconomic expert, has recently issued a warning about the US banking system and the overall American economy. He warned that the US government might be forced to take drastic measures, such as freezing American bank withdrawals, due to mounting currency panic and capital flight.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Markets, Hendry expresses that the widespread panic and withdrawal of capital from the US banking sector is reasonable and valid. He says that it is a sign of economic health and that the US government should take steps to protect the interests of its citizens.

According to Hendry, if the M2 money supply continues to decrease, the US government may intervene to stop people from withdrawing their money from checking accounts easily. This could result in a significant disruption to the US banking system and the overall economy.

Hendry believes that if the US government intervenes, it will be able to stabilize the financial system and prevent further capital flight. He also warned that such intervention should only be used as a last resort when other more conservative measures have already failed.

It is possible that panicking is appropriate in some situations. In this case, there has been a significant decrease in M2, which refers to deposits rather than loans. This means that the deposits are leaving the system and going into money market funds.

The situation could escalate to a point where the Treasury and Fed may have to restrict the ability of US citizens to withdraw money from US banks. This would be an extreme measure, but it could help to stabilize the US economy and stem the flow of capital from leaving the country.

People need to stay informed about the current state of the American banking system and economic situation so that they can make decisions accordingly.

According to Hendry, the capital flight from US banks cannot be entirely attributed to concerns over whether the FDIC will insure deposits exceeding $250,000, and a universal guarantee on deposits would not resolve the issue.

“The best way for people to protect themselves is to stay informed and aware of the current events,” says Hendry. “Take steps to prepare before things get out of hand.”

It remains to be seen if the US government will take any drastic action in response to this crisis, but it is important to keep an eye on the situation. People should be sure to monitor their investments and keep an eye out for any signs of intervention from the government.

Hendry suggests that, in times of uncertainty, Americans can invest in US Treasuries or consider Bitcoin as their option. While these are not necessarily the best options, they could help mitigate the risk of holding assets in the US banking system.

The current situation is an important reminder that investors need to stay informed and aware of their investments and be prepared to take appropriate action if needed.

“It is critical that people remember that the US banking system and economy are resilient,” says Hendry. “No matter what happens, we will all pull through this together.”

The US government should take steps to protect American citizens if necessary but should only use extreme measures as a last resort.

Hendry's remarks come at a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, and his warnings are sure to concern many investors. As the US banking system continues to struggle with capital flight, American citizens should be prepared for any drastic measures that could be taken by the government to keep their assets safe. It appears that long Treasuries and Bitcoin may be the safest investments for now. Ultimately, Americans need to stay informed and take steps to protect themselves if needed.

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