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Ultrasound waves can be used to rejuvenate aging cells

By: April Carson

Animals have shown rejuvenating effects from low-frequency ultrasound. In ageing human cells, it restarts cell division, and in old mice, it improves their physical performance in tests like running on a treadmill. It was even able to make a hunched back mouse move around normally again.

Scientists believe that this is because ultrasound waves temporarily open up pores in the cell membrane. This allows molecules to pass through and enter the cell, which triggers a number of physiological events. It can increase mitochondrial activity – meaning more energy is produced for the cell – and it increases protein production, which can help repair damage done to the cells.

Other studies have found that the ultrasound waves also encourage stem cells to regrow and can even stimulate new blood vessel growth. All of this means that low-frequency ultrasound could potentially be used to treat age-related conditions like joint pain, arthritis, and muscle atrophy.

Michael Sheetz at the University of Texas Medical Branch, whose team made the discovery, says that he often asks the question, "Is this too good to be true?" With ultrasound, he says the answer might actually be "Yes". It's an attractive solution as it doesn't involve any chemicals or drugs and is a non-invasive procedure.

Scientists use ultrasonic vibrations to measure the age and health of cells. By monitoring their response to these vibrations, they can determine their state. The team of Sheetz has achieved targeting specific proteins by using low-frequency ultrasound pulses. This causes changes in the cell's activity through the altering of protein interactions with other molecules.

In experiments with lab-grown human cells, the team showed that applying ultrasound for just a few minutes caused some of them to start dividing again. In mice, the effects lasted for at least six months after the treatment was applied. The researchers also suggest that it has potential applications in treating conditions such as stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

To move from animal studies to human studies, it's necessary to determine which parameters will be effective in humans. This is because ultrasound waves are blocked by our bones and lungs, which makes it difficult to use this technology in humans. While ultrasound has been used for many years to treat various conditions, it's important to be aware that treatments that increase cell division could potentially increase the risk of cancer. However, Sheetz and his team have not seen any evidence of this after treatment.

The research is still in its early stages and further investigations are needed. However, it could potentially offer a novel way of treating ageing cells and unlocking the fountain of youth. According to Sheetz, "It's quite remarkable that ultrasound might be able to help us get our cells back to a more youthful state without any kind of drug."

Overall, researchers are continuing to explore the potential of ultrasound waves in treating age-related diseases and conditions. It may be a promising new technique for reversing cell aging and restoring youthful vigor to cells throughout the body.

This study was the first to show that low-frequency ultrasound could have such powerful effects on cells and could potentially open up a new avenue of treatments for age-related diseases. It was published in the journal Science Advances.

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