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Thoth's Wisdom: Beyond the Illusion of Division

By ShonSpeaks

Read closely, folks, because we're facing a pivotal moment. Everywhere we turn, there's division - be it race, politics, or class. But if we break it down, these divides? These are nothing but mental tricks our brains play on us, and others exploit to manipulate us.

Our brain is always seeking efficiency, trying to save energy. It constantly looks for patterns, even if it leads to unhelpful divisions. Remember our ancestors? They needed to distinguish friends from foes. But now, are you really my foe just because political affiliations, like the elephant or donkey symbols, dictate it?

These divisions? They might feel real, but they're mere mental tricks. Perhaps we're regressing, holding onto a tribal mentality when our world cries out for unity.

Take a moment and reflect. Even within our families and communities, we find divisions over the most trivial matters. We're squabbling over crumbs, over trivial disagreements that pale in comparison to our shared human experience. Deep down, we all have dreams, fears, and desires. We're all aboard this wild ride called life, trying to find our place and figure ourselves out.

Yet, the sharper these divisions, the easier it becomes for those with power to puppeteer the masses. Division breeds vulnerability, and with each passing day, these vulnerabilities grow. It's like honey for those in control, sweetening their grip on power as they watch us be divided and conquered all the way to the Swiss banks.

Now, I'm not ringing conspiracy bells, but can we overlook the seductive nature of division? As history has shown, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Dive deeper, and the truth emerges: beneath these surface divisions lies a vast, interconnected web binding us all together. We're all cells of this magnificent entity called Life. But division? It's just smoke and mirrors, making us feel more distinct or superior to others. Ahh! The inferior/superior mental trick. Isn't that how America was built?

These are mere mental tricks that blur our vision and hide the grander scheme of things. Remember, the choice is ours. Will we remain ensnared by these illusions or rise above, recognizing and celebrating our shared humanity?

Divided, we will crumble, eventually; but united, we stand tall, powerful, and unyielding with a peace of mind. The answers? They're right within us. The call for unity, for Oneness, is more urgent than ever.

Echoing these sentiments, a profound passage I once read somewhere states, “Far in the past before ye were man-born, I dwelled in Ancient Atlantis... Only in Oneness comes power, yet the people had eyes blinded by illusion.”

In our complex brain, connectivity reigns supreme. Similarly, Thoth, in the Emerald Tablets, preaches unity. Yet, today, we find ourselves trapped in a maze of divisions. Our penchant for compartmentalizing has taken us off course.

Reflect on the paradox of poverty. In a universe where everything exists and is interconnected, as Thoth suggests, can true poverty even exist? It emerges from our mental compartmentalization, taking form when human beings within societies believe its main dual nature is: a reflection of lack and an instrument for concentrated wealth accumulation.

But this narrative isn't set in stone. Together, let's rewrite our story. Let's bridge gaps, forge bonds, and embrace our interconnectedness. By understanding the teachings of Thoth and realizing our brain's true essence, we can overcome the hurdles before us, paving the path for a shared, prosperous future where division is but a relic of the past.


La Shon Y. Fleming Bruce a/k/a SHONSPEAKS is a writer and mental wealth coach for those who are experiencing overwhelm, anxious, depressed, or feeling displaced in a world growing in artificial intelligence and are ready to break the chains of the poverty mindset and limitations caused by religious, social and political ideology.  I am also a certified brain health specialist and lead creator of    I am also a lawyer and managing member of The Fleming-Bruce Law Firm, P.L.L.C.  If you want to check out more of my writings and other videos that may not be released on this site, go over to my website at

I have released my first book on using ChatGPT to enhance your creativity and productivity.  To purchase your Kindle copy of my new book  “Prompt Mastery: Unleashing Creativity and Productivity” go on Amazon.

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