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The US Navy has several videos of UFOs, but won't release them for national security reasons

By: April Carson

The U.S. Navy will not release further footage of unidentified flying objects "because doing so would jeopardize national security."

The military branch's spokesperson made the statement after The Black Vault, a government transparency site, filed a Freedom of Information Act request. In the past, The Black Vault has shared thousands of pages of UFO-related documents received from agencies such as the CIA.

The Navy's FOIA request dates back to April 2020, just after the service released the now-infamous films recorded by its pilots that depicted a strange unidentified high-tech aircraft moving in ways that defied physics.

"The Navy considers the release of information regarding the identity of unknown aircraft as classified national security information," a Navy spokesperson told The Black Vault.

The Black Vault had requested any and all other videos relating to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that the Navy prefers to call "unknown aircraft phenomenon."

The release of this information would endanger national security because it may provide adversaries with important information on Department of Defense/Navy operations, vulnerabilities, and/or capabilities. ,' Gregory Cason, deputy director of the Navy's FOIA office, wrote in a response letter shared by The Black Vault. 'No sections of the films can be kept private.'

Carson stated that the Navy only put out the three other videos because they had been previously leaked to the media and were, thus, 'widely talked about.'

He said that, given how much information about the encounters is already public, releasing the files wouldn't damage national security any further.

But even if the videos are eventually declassified, it's unlikely that we'll ever know what exactly the Navy pilots were seeing. In each of the cases, the pilots reported that the objects were travelling at speeds and making maneuvers that would have been impossible for any known aircraft.

The Black Vault has appealed for the release of videos that have been denied. Regardless of what the Pentagon chooses to release, it is clear that they are taking the threat of UFOs seriously. During public hearings in May, 400 'unidentified aerial phenomenon' reports from recent years were revealed - a significant increase from the 144 incidents reported in 2004.

The eleven other incidents were 'near misses,' where the military aircraft barely avoided a collision with the UAP. In one case, an F/A-18 came within 25 feet of hitting a UAP.

Ronald Moultrie, the Defense Department's top intelligence officer, said the government has not dismissed the idea that these incidents might be linked to outer space life.

'Our objective isn't to cover something up; our goal is to figure what's out there,' Moultrie said at the hearing. 'There are elements of our government that are ... searching for extraterrestrial life.'

"We're all curious and want to understand the unknown. I'm an intelligence professional, so of course I'm impatient too and want immediate answers. However, it's important to remember that understanding can take time and effort," Scott Bray told lawmakers.

In July, the Pentagon announced that a new office focused exclusively on managing reports of UFO sightings by the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force will open after receiving federal funding. The office will be housed within the U.S. Department of Defense and will be overseen by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

This is not the first time that lawmakers have pressed the Pentagon for answers on its UFO research. In December, members of the Senate Armed Services Committee questioned Navy officials about reports of unidentified flying objects during a hearing on national security threats.

At that hearing, committee chairman Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said he was concerned that the military was not taking reports of UFO sightings seriously enough.

"I am glad to know that we now have a task force to investigate these sightings. I expect full cooperation and transparency from your agencies in providing this information to Congress and the American people," McCain said.

In a statement to Newsweek, the Navy said it could not comment on the videos because "the character of these sightings is not fully understood and the subject matter is generally classified."

"The Navy has a longstanding policy of not commenting on classified footage," the statement continued. "We have no new information to provide."

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