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The Types of Water. (Water is Devine) Part. 2

“The Nile is polluted; the Nile has been polluted for years.” - Dr. Sebi.

Some types of water refine you, other types degrade you. Learn to discern!

1. Tap Water - The practice of chlorination was designed to disinfect it and eliminate waterborne diseases, but it essentially sterilizes all life from water and creates DBPs (disinfection byproducts) that have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues.

2. Filtered Water - Filters vary in their ability, depending on price and materials used. They are generally not very reliable and cannot filter out all the contaminants found in tap water. Some remove beneficial nutrients and can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. Sparkling Mineral Water - Taken from natural springs and bottled (or in some cases mineral water is carbonated), sparkling mineral water may aid digestion, but be wary of drinking anything in a plastic bottle because it exposes you to harmful toxins like BPA. Buy sparkling mineral water in a glass bottle and ensure there are no unwanted additives.

4. Distilled Water - Made by boiling water, capturing the steam, and condensing it back into a liquid to remove impurities like heavy metals and bacteria. However, distilled water has also been stripped of its nutritional content,

so it easily absorbs elements from its environment (for better or worse). Drinking distilled water long-term for hydration may result in a nutritional deficiency. It is best to use it for tea infusions.

5. Alkaline Water (Natural/Man-Made) - Natural alkaline water occurs in some springs and often has specific nutritional minerals and ions, giving it curative properties. Man-made alkaline water is a mixture of a marketing gimmick and electrifying technology with mixed results and big price tags. Nature knows best!

6. Rainwater - One of the most abundant forms of water available to us - you can use it, if it is legal in your area and it hasn’t been polluted (i.e. acid rain). If you live in a pristine environment, then this could be the most

energized water available. Dew from the morning mist is a super energized form of rain that helps to water our plants.

7. Spring/Glacier Water - Dr. Sebi advocated springing this water above all other types of water because it comes straight from the natural source and hasn’t been compromised or contaminated by the environment or water treatment processes. Its pH is usually neutral and it's rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Ideally, bottling water yourself directly from a natural spring would give you the best drinking water quality. But realistically we don't all have our own spring, so ensure you buy it in glass, not plastic!

“Nature didn’t make any water with chemicals... So the best water is Spring Water.”- Dr. Sebi.

Water Storage & Security

The ideal materials to store water in are those that keep it cool - natural stone, terracotta, glass, or even wood.

Commercially available bottled spring water may be of compromised quality - some unscrupulous brands bottle normal water or water taken from boreholes rather than natural springs.

Dr. Sebi taught us that we need to hydrate with 1 gallon of spring water every day. All of our cells, organs, and tissues need water to function effectively.

If you don't drink enough water your body slows down, cells become sluggish, and your body can't flush out toxins.

Ensure you know the quality of your personal fountain of youth. Treat yourself with crystal-clear liquid health! To Your Health!

This post was written by: Barry Nembhard

"The M Series"Motivation..Mindset..Money

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