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The Teachings of the Universe

True scientists are less interested in demonstrating what they know about the Universe than in learning from it. The energy processes that explain the behavior of stars, planets, hurricanes or living beings can be interpreted as the expression of laws or principles with a philosophical, spiritual or even ethical character.

In the mid-20th century, Hans Bethe glimpsed the intricate processes by which all the elements of the cosmos were forged into stars. As he studied the new equations he had formulated, he understood everything: the skin of his hands, the pencil with which he wrote, the raw material of his brain, and even his thoughts, his consciousness, were made up of the same elements as the stars.

This revelation may have been behind his abandoning atomic weapons research and becoming a pacifist, redirecting his research towards essential theoretical physics, that is, to pure understanding. In 1967 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of stellar nucleosynthesis.

Scientific findings in physics, astronomy, biology, geology, paleontology or thermodynamics have revealed the secret plans of human existence. The knowledge about who we are today built on solid foundations that are causing a change in human consciousness on a planetary level.

According to the mathematician and cosmologist Brian Swimme, author of The Universe is a Green Dragon and The History of the Universe, the current challenges of humanity, such as war, disease, inequality, climate change or the dramatic loss of biodiversity, they are not going to face it successfully without "reinventing the human as part of the new cosmic story." What are the teachings of the Cosmos?

The concept of continuity is often not well understood despite its long philosophical tradition. The Greeks called ápeiron the realm of pure potentiality, the plot or source that underlies all forms and beings, but which cannot be defined. Anaximander thus designated the infinite, indeterminate substance, devoid of quality, which is in eternal movement, and from which everything leaves and to which everything returns.

It corresponds exactly to the oriental concepts of chi in China or praktiki in India. Some scientists identify this primordial fabric with the quantum vacuum of elementary particle physics. The surprising notion of a quantum vacuum was first proposed scientifically in the 1920s and experimentally demonstrated in the 1940s.

We now know that there is an omnipresent reality where a constant stream of particles and antiparticles spontaneously originates, mutually annihilating each other as they disappear again in the quantum vacuum. Describing in words, the nature of this void is brutal. Claiming that it is "nothingness" is right in the sense that it is not the realm of material objects, but it does not explain "what is." Defining it as a continuity adds the meaning of domain full of subtle connections that are at the origin of all beings and things.

“One of the primordial cosmological laws is centering. The entire Universe focuses on itself to give rise, through time, to the existence of each molecule, each bacterium, each animal, each plant, each planet, each galaxy or each person. There is nothing that does not have the entire history of the Universe behind it. If we think of a human being, we see that it comes from its father and mother, who in turn come from four grandparents. All the genetic information provided by the ancestors is compressed in the nucleus of each cell in the current body,” shares Billy Carson.

“If we go back in time to the first vertebrate, we see that our lungs owe their existence to the life of a specific fish, hundreds of millions of years ago. The process of building the lungs throughout all this time is reproduced at full speed during the gestation of each individual. The same can be said for the processes by which we digest food, which appeared on Earth about two million years ago,” concludes Carson, who is a visionary, poet, teacher, philanthropist, and inventor who is professionally attributed to him. He also holds the M.I.T. Degree in Applied Neuroscience and the Harvard University Ancient Civilization Degree.

Billions of years of life in the Universe are present and reproduced in each one of us. It is not only about the transmission of genetic information but about energy and capacity for action. We have the energy provided by the last meal, but this energy comes from the sun, which is absorbed by the Earth and transformed by plants. The sun's energy comes in turn from hydrogen atoms, which obtained their energy from the birth of the Universe. That is why it can be said that centering is the quality of the Universe to reproduce its existence and maintain its principles of operation in each of the things and beings to which it gives birth.



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