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The Real Face of a 35,000-year-old Egyptian man has been revealed by Scientists

By: April Carson

Using a combination of modern forensic technology and ancient DNA analysis, researchers have been able to reveal the face of a 35,000-year-old Egyptian man. This breakthrough has provided us with some valuable insight into our ancient past, allowing us to learn more about human evolution throughout history.

Digital imaging has been used by Brazilian experts to show the face of an Egyptian man from 35,000 years ago.

An archaeologist named Moacir Elias Santos and a 3D designer named Cícero Moraes collaborated to create a digital image of a man using the skeletal remains found at an archaeological site in Egypt. The image is a detailed facial approximation of Nazlet Khater 2's skull, a 35,000-year-old fossil that was discovered in Egypt's Nile Valley in 1980.

After an anthropological analysis, it was determined that the skeletal remains belonged to a man of African descent who was between 17 and 29 years old at the time of his death. The analysis also estimates that he was approximately over five feet and three inches tall.

The digital image was created by Moraes using a process known as photogrammetry. This advanced technology allowed him to manipulate the skull's scanned images and create a realistic 3D reconstruction.

Archaeologists employed facial approximation, a technique that reconstructs the facial characteristics of a deceased person based on their skeletal remains. This technique relies on analyzing the skull's structure and comparing it to hundreds of modern human skulls, to create a picture of what their face may have looked like.

According to Moacir Santos, an archaeologist at the Ciro Flamarion Cardoso Archaeology Museum in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, a few years ago they were working on a study of human evolution using well-known fossil replicas. They converted videos into photos and utilized photogrammetry of the skulls to perform their analysis.

It was during this process that Santos and his team discovered the fossilized skull of a 35,000-year-old Egyptian man.

Santos and Moraes used photogrammetry to extract 3D information from photographs they took of a man's skeletal remains at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo.

Experts have used this process to determine the evolution of humans over centuries. However, this study is the first to reveal a 35,000-year-old human face.

In February, researchers unveiled a 3D model of an ancient Nabataean woman. The remains used to create the model were discovered in a tomb in 2015 at the 2,000-year-old Hegra site in Saudi Arabia.

The photogrammetry process reveals details not visible to the naked eye, such as facial features and skin color. The research team used a combination of 3D printing and digital simulations to create the image of the Egyptian man's face.

The findings from the 35,000-year-old mummy allow scientists to gain insight into ancient human features and explore the evolution of facial features across different cultures. It could also provide valuable information about what life was like for early humans in Egypt during this period.

Moraes, the designer, told CNN that there is a high likelihood that the image will resemble what NK2 looked like by combining the use of living people's skulls and forensic techniques. By using this method, the experts were able to create a 3D facial reconstruction of NK2 and bring him back to life.

The results of the project showcase an in-depth study into the various features of an ancient Egyptian man, allowing us to gain valuable insight into our past. The research team is hoping that this breakthrough will open up new possibilities to uncover the secrets of what life was like for early humans in this region 35,000 years ago. They plan on exploring further by doing a comparative analysis of other skulls from the same period.

This reconstruction also allows us to recontextualize our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and humanity in general. It highlights just how similar we are to our ancient ancestors, and how much insight we can gain by studying the past. By exploring more of these types of reconstructions, we could potentially discover even more about early humans and their way of life.

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