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The Quantum Decree of Thoth: Bracing for the Annunaki's Digital Legacy

By ShonSpeaks

In a distant dystopian future, Earth’s revelations once inscribed on the Emerald Tablets of Thoth are echoed again: every whispered secret, every clandestine communication, and the once-trusted digital vaults lie bare for not just humanity, but perhaps even for intergalactic onlookers. The omnipotence of quantum computers could be a gift - or perhaps a legacy - from ancient extraterrestrial beings like the Annunaki.

For centuries, humanity pondered over the advanced knowledge of beings like Thoth, an entity often linked with wisdom and technology. Was it possible that they had warned us, through cryptic symbols and ancient scriptures, of the quantum tides to come? The very encryption mechanisms that shield our most intimate secrets might have origins far beyond our planet.

Today's security architecture, though advanced, might still be rudimentary in the eyes of these ancient cosmic visitors. These intricate digital protections may be no match for quantum technologies that these celestial beings possibly mastered eons ago.

The rise of quantum computers on Earth might merely be us catching up to their ancient advancements, leading us closer to what many have termed the "quantum apocalypse."

Recognizing the impending quantum tide, Earth’s tech guardians, like Google, strive to elevate our digital prowess. They've incorporated a cutting-edge cryptographic technique, X25519Kyber768, into tools of the modern world. Is it possible that in these algorithms we see a reflection, a shadow, of the vast knowledge Thoth and the Annunaki once held?

As per Devon O'Brien, a sentinel in our modern digital realm, our planet works tirelessly on "preparing the web for the migration to quantum-resistant cryptography." But, as the Annunaki might attest, the universe is vast, with knowledge and threats beyond our imagination. The "Harvest Now, Decrypt Later" method, where data is stockpiled today for decryption in the future, could be an age-old strategy in this vast cosmos.

In this era, where the lines between ancient extraterrestrial knowledge and modern tech blur, our understanding of privacy and security evolves. As we embrace the quantum age, let's remember the wisdom of Thoth and the Annunaki, seeking guidance and caution from their tales, ensuring we're not just technologically prepared, but spiritually aligned for the challenges ahead.

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La Shon Y. Fleming Bruce a/k/a SHONSPEAKS is a writer and mental wealth coach for those who are experiencing overwhelm, anxious, depressed, or feeling displaced in a world growing in artificial intelligence and are ready to break the chains of the poverty mindset and limitations caused by religious, social and political ideology.  I am also a certified brain health specialist and lead creator of    I am also a lawyer and managing member of The Fleming-Bruce Law Firm, P.L.L.C.  If you want to check out more of my writings and other videos that may not be released on this site, go over to my website at

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