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The NASA Administrator Claims That Ancient Alien Civilizations Are Very Possible in the World

By: April Carson

NASA's new administrator, Bill Nelson, believes that humans are not the only species in the cosmos and that there may be a link between UFO sightings on Earth and efforts to discover alien life. In an interview at the University of Virginia from last week, he offered surprisingly open answers to questions that are typically avoided.

The administrator of NASA doesn't dismiss the possibility that advanced alien civilizations may exist

Mr. Nelson's association with NASA is as long as his political career. He was known in Congress as the "space program's go-to senator." He has been a vocal supporter of space research and exploration throughout his career, and he has even flown in space on the Columbia Shuttle in 1986 during a mission to orbit.

In his latest live interview with Larry Sabato, a politics professor at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, Nelson commented on efforts to discover alien life and whether UFOs on Earth might be linked to extra-terrestrial technologies.

Dr. Steven Greer is a welcome addition to the field, as he has been fighting for UFO disclosure since his first book was published in 1993. His experience adds a much-needed breath of fresh air after the disappointing Pentagon UFO Report from June, which did not deliver any significant facts or conclusions regarding UFOs' origins. While the paper did not rule out the idea that a non-Earth intelligence could have visited our planet, it stated there was not sufficient evidence to prove that ETs exist.

Nelson provided us with some startling statistics. He revealed that there have been over 300 reported sightings from the US Navy since 2004, much more than we've been led to believe in the past. He said that he has spoken with the pilots who were met by UFOs and neither they nor he knew what those objects were. However, it is undeniable that they were a type of craft beyond our current technology.

Speaking from experience, Nelson said that there have been sightings by Astronauts as well as those who have been on the International Space Station. In his opinion, NASA has decided to keep these encounters secret because they would face harsh criticism from politicians and the public. They do not want the ISS labelled as a space station that's come under alien attack.

Life beyond Earth

The administrator of NASA offered no definitive answers, but his receptiveness to the many possibilities is worth noting. It's not the first time he's addressed these issues in public, but this time, he ventured beyond and pondered possibilities such as parallel universes' existence.

Parallel worlds

He challenged the notion that we are the only intelligent life form in existence, noting why would we even consider the option that we are alone in the cosmos if there are other universes? And as has been said by numerous other experts in the past, it's likely these alien civilizations will be far more ancient than humanity.

Alien civilizations and the technologies to find them

He said that there are many other galaxies, star systems, and planets. We've already discovered alien worlds with similar conditions to Earth's, but we don't have the technology to infer whether life exists there. All of this may be feasible with the soon-to-be-launched James Webb Space Telescope. With its assistance, astronomers will be able to determine if there are any other planets in the universe that may have the potential for life.

Some of them might be older than Earth itself, which means that these alien civilizations will possess far more advanced knowledge and technology than we do. It's natural to consider whether they could help humanity advance even further with their incredible experience from centuries, or perhaps even millennia, of existence.

There's a possibility that these civilizations might be more than just older than we are, and that they may have intelligence equal to or greater than ours as well. Perhaps by consulting with these extraterrestrial beings we could transfer their wisdom and knowledge to our younger generation. Then we would be able to climb the ladder of civilization much faster.

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