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The inventor who inspired Elon Musk predicted smartphones almost a century ago

By: April Carson

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American scientist who is mostly recognized for his work in AC electricity distribution. He also contributed to the development of radio, x-rays, radar, and remote control.

By the time he died, Thomas Edison had an eidetic memory, spoke eight languages, and was a best-selling author. He held 300 patents and had spoken in eight tongues before his death. Entrepreneur Elon Musk took his name for the red-hot automobile company he created, as well as energy storage technology. Google co-founder Larry Page credited him as an inspiration.

Tesla correctly predicted that the smartphone would be invented in a 1926 interview with John B. Kennedy. "I think that the telephone may eventually be able to send pictures as well as sound," he said. "The device should be portable so it could go with you anywhere."

If we were to utilize wireless technology perfectly, the whole earth would become one big brain. All things are particles of a real and rhythmic whole, so we would be able to communicate with anyone instantly, no matter the distance between us.

"We shall be able to do his will as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite the thousands of miles between us, and in the future through television and telephony we shall be able to see and hear one another as though we were standing right next to each other, despite any distance," he continued. " Furthermore, in the near future through television and telephony we shall be able to see and hear one another as though we were standing right next to each other, despite any distance," he continued.

This is an incredible claim considering that at the time Bell was writing, the telephone had only been invented a few years earlier. Nevertheless, his vision of a future where everyone is connected by a global network of communication is not far off from what we see today.

A nearly century-old quote from Tesla was recently brought to light on the bigthink blog. Tesla made other predictions about the future during the interview, including that men would eventually be inferior to women.

"The human female's struggle for sex equality will eventually lead to a new sex order, with women as the superior gender. It isn't in men's superficial physical imitation that women will first assert their equality and later claim superiority, but rather in women's intellectual awakening."

"Women will take the lead in many professions and activities," he said. "In less than a century they will be in control."

While this particular prediction has yet to come true, it's not outside the realm of possibility. After all, women have made great strides in recent years and are now better represented in leadership roles than ever before.

Historically, people like Tesla have been known for making futurist comments. In today's day and age, this type of far-seeing vision is especially prized. According to Forbes, one possible career of the future might be forecasting and analyzing the future.

With the advent of new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, it's becoming increasingly easier to make predictions about the future.

Scientists at Intel hired Brian David Johnson to combine sci-fi literature, ethnography, and consumer research in order to forecast company trends. Futurist and innovation expert Jim Carroll has advised organizations such as Motorola, Walt Disney Corporation, and McKinsey according to his website. Carroll believes that "the future isn't about predicting, it's about preparing."

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