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The Four Characteristics of A Conscious Relationship

By: April Carson

Why is it that people continually strive to make relationships successful, even when the odds are against them?

Relationships often end up feeling unfulfilling because individuals dive in with the wrong motivations. To remedy this, I suggest striving for something that I call "conscious relationships." Instead of entering into partnerships thoughtlessly, prioritize going into them with intention and clarity. Conscious relationships will provide you with a much more meaningful connection to your significant other.

What is a conscious relationship?

A conscious relationship is a partnership that offers both partners the opportunity to blossom. It isn't just about self-growth, but also growth as an individual and couple together. The main purpose of this kind of relationship is to make the world around us a better place - it's what drives both parties forward in harmony.

In many cases, relationships are entered into to fulfill our own individual needs. However, this approach is usually short-lived and often leaves us unhappy in the end. A conscious relationship focuses on something bigger than ourselves, namely on generating a positive impact on the world.

When two individuals have a union with the purpose of mutual development, their relationship will always be aimed at something much higher than momentary gratification. Their partnership is then transformed into an indescribable journey of progression where both parties can expand and progress beyond what would ever be possible separately. This leads to immense contentment as well as long-term satisfaction for both entities involved in this agreement.

The core of conscious relationships is built upon four characteristics: mutual respect, shared vision, honest communication and an appreciation for growth.

Mutual respect is essential to any healthy relationship. Without it, couples can quickly become disconnected and resentful of each other. Having a shared vision allows partners to be on the same page in regards to their future plans together. Honest communication is also essential to conscious relationships, as it provides an opportunity for partners to share their feelings and experiences openly. Lastly, an appreciation for growth ensures that couples are constantly evolving together in their relationship.

  1. Mutual Respect: Respect is a foundation of any conscious relationship. It encourages both partners to listen and consider each other’s point of view while being open to compromise when necessary. It also allows couples to feel safe within the relationship, creating an environment where they can be vulnerable and honest with one another without fear of judgment or criticism.

  2. Shared Vision: Clear communication and understanding of each other’s intentions is paramount for a conscious relationship. It allows both partners to be on the same page when it comes to expectations, goals, and values, helping them to stay focused on the bigger picture of their relationship.

  3. Honest Communication: Open and honest communication is key to creating a conscious relationship. It requires both partners to put aside any ego or pride and express themselves in an authentic way, without fear of judgment or criticism. By being truthful and vulnerable with each other, couples can foster trust and intimacy in their relationship. Being open and honest with who you are, as well as allowing your partner to be candid too, is a rare occurrence. You may not agree with what they say or it could trigger an intense emotion in you; however you're willing to feel that if it means authentic relationship growth.

  4. Appreciation of Growth: As people, we are constantly growing and changing. A conscious relationship requires both partners to respect this growth and appreciate the changes that each of them make over time. It is a shared journey where each person is given space to explore their individual needs and desires, without feeling judged by the other. Having an open dialogue about any changes in either party's feelings, values or goals is essential for a healthy relationship.

When couples nurture these four aspects of a conscious relationship, they can be confident in the strength of their bond. According to Dr. Susan Heitler, a clinical psychologist, "A conscious relationship is one that is built on the bedrock of mutual respect and caring."

Through a conscious relationship, partners learn to become attuned to one another’s needs and goals. This kind of relationship requires that both parties make an effort to communicate openly and honestly about their feelings, as well as being willing to make compromises when necessary.

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