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The FBI has now opened an investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson

By: April Carson

The FBI has officially opened an investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson, a spokesperson for the bureau confirmed.

The state attorney general in Mexico is investigating the case of Robinson, from Charlotte. According to friends, she passed away due to alcohol poisoning while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas on October 29. However, an autopsy revealed her death was caused by a broken neck and spine.

The FBI will now be looking into the circumstances surrounding Robinson's death. Agents from both the US and Mexico are working together on this case. They have issued a statement asking anyone with information to come forward so that they can get to the bottom of what happened in Cabo San Lucas.

The FBI is investigating the case, as stated in a Friday morning statement to Channel 9 by an agency spokesperson.

The FBI Charlotte Field Office has launched an investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson, a resident of Charlotte, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The statement continued that due to the active nature of the investigation, comment will not be given at this time.

On Thursday, the attorney general confirmed to ABC News that they have opened a femicide investigation into Robinson’s death. An expert on femicide in Mexico told Channel 9 that when a woman is killed in Mexico, authorities are often required by law to open an investigation as a form of murder. After looking into whether she was killed for reasons due to her gender or specific circumstances, such as domestic violence, they continue their investigation.

The family of the victim has been demanding justice since the incident occurred, and local leaders have also joined in calling for an investigation.

Her sister, Quilla Long spoke on “Good Morning America” Friday morning. Both she and her mother said they think Shanquella’s friends know something. Her mother issued a plea to anyone who may have seen the video or knows anything about what happened to come forward.

"Somebody needs to stand up for her," Long said. "Someone that was in that video need to stand up for her."

The FBI has now opened a civil rights investigation into the death. The investigation will look at whether the victim’s civil rights were violated and if any hate crimes occurred. They will also be looking into any possible negligence of law enforcement in responding to the matter, as well as any other matters that could have contributed to her death.

Shanquella's mother, Sallamondra Robinson, said that they never believed what the recruiters were telling them because each one who came back was sharing a different story.

Channel 9 interviewed Robinson's parents, who said they refuse to stop fighting until they know what happened.

Bernard Robinson, Shanquella's father, told Bruno: "It's just a hurting feeling man...I got a hole in my heart. I can't even be a granddad. I can't even walk her down the aisle." Earlier Friday, Rep. Alma Adams shared a statement about the case saying that no parent deserves what Robinson's parents are currently facing.

"I was deeply saddened to hear of Shanquella Robinson's passing, and my heart goes out to her family and friends," she said. "No one deserves to suffer this tragedy, especially not a parent. If there is anything we can do to help with federal agencies, our Congressional Office is ready and willing."

The former assistant director of the FBI told Bruno that in his experience, the agency's decision to launch its own investigation is rare and noteworthy.

Chris Swecker stated that FBI involvement is essential because the Mexican authorities lack the ability to investigate this properly on their own.

Swecker points out that the FBI is taking action beyond its normal jurisdiction. This seldom-used power requires approval from the Department of Justice, but it may be necessary when there is a reasonable belief that a crime has been committed. Taking this step also increases the chances of uncovering the truth.

According to Swecker, going on the trip made it more likely that the case would be resolved. As the investigation starts, her friends who didn’t go on the trip with her said Shanquella Robinson would always go out of her way for people she cared about.

"She was always there for me, no matter what time it was or where I was," Chyna Duncan said.

“She always had a kind heart,” said Ariana Ward. “No one ever had anything bad to say about her. She was genuinely good person."

The FBI is taking several steps to ensure that a full and thorough investigation is conducted.

Bruno was told by Duncan and Ward that they demand answers and accountability for their friend's death. "I want everyone responsible to be given a fair punishment," said Duncan. "She deserves justice, and I won't have peace until she gets it," explained Ward.

The FBI's investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson is ongoing. The bureau has asked anyone with information or tips to contact them.

Anybody who knew Shanquella Robinson can attest that she was one of the most caring and compassionate individuals they ever met. Her friends hope that her memory will be honored and justice served in the investigation.

The FBI is actively investigating the death of Shanquella Robinson and has issued a statement imploring anyone with information to come forward. "Every person involved in this tragedy deserves to be held accountable for their actions," said an FBI spokesperson.

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