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The disappearance of large animals in Europe can be attributed solely to human activities

By: April Carson

In the absence of human presence in Europe, the population of large animals like mammoths and cave bears would have flourished even more abundantly today than they did 120,000 years ago. Unfortunately, however, by the Middle Ages the vast majority of these large animals had disappeared.

According to a modelling study utilizing fossil and climate data, it is concluded that the decline of megafauna has had a profound impact on the ecosystems of Europe. This finding highlights the significant consequences resulting from the loss of these large animals.

The disappearance of megafauna in Europe was most probably caused by humans hunting animals for food, resulting in a significant decrease of the population size. This is further supported by archaeological evidence from 50000 years ago that shows the presence of human-made spears and projectiles found alongside large animal remains.

Since the colonization of various continents by humans, numerous colossal creatures, such as the South American giant sloth and New Zealand's Haast's eagle, have faced extinction. This unfortunate reality underscores the impact of human presence on these magnificent animals.

The magnitude and timing of these extinctions has long been debated. It is clear that some of them were caused by hunting, but many may also be due to climate change or other environmental factors.

In Europe, however, it looks like people were solely responsible for the disappearance of large animals. The study found that there was no significant climate change during the period when these species went extinct, and it suggests that it was humans who wiped them out.

This has had a profound effect on Europe’s ecosystems, as large mammals play an important role in maintaining biodiversity and regulating the environment. Without their presence, many ecosystems have been thrown off balance, leading to the changes we see today.

The study also has implications for conservation, as restoration of these species can help to restore Europe’s ecosystems. The findings provide important information about how rewilding projects should be conducted in order to bring back the biodiversity that once existed in Europe before human influence.

Restoring large animals would also have a cultural significance, as they were an integral part of European folklore and mythology for centuries. The return of these species would bring back the wonder and mystery that used to be associated with Europe’s wildlife.

According to reseacher Joris van Sumter, the findings 'highlight the importance of preventing human-caused extinctions in order to protect biodiversity and preserve ecosystems'. As such, conservation efforts should focus on preventing further extinctions of large animals caused by humans. With proper management, Europe's large animal populations can be brought back from the brink of extinction and their loss prevented in future. "It's not too late," says van Sumter. "We have the power to restore these species and ecosystems if we act now."

By taking action now, Europe can make sure that large animals are never lost again. The continent has an incredible biodiversity of wildlife, and it is up to us to protect it for future generations. By working together in conservation efforts, we can ensure that Europe's wildlife remains rich and diverse for years to come.

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